Sniper rifle Accuracy International AX50

    sniper rifle accuracy international ax50

    Accuracy International AX50

    In February 2009, U.S. Special Operations Command US SOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) has announced a tender for the development and delivery of a new sniper rifle «PSR» (Precision Sniper Rifle - precision sniper rifle). Among other things, participated in the competition known British company «Accuracy International» (AI), submitted in early 2010 a new rifle lineup «AX».

    The competition

    PSR company Accuracy International sniper rifle suggested «AX338» kalibra.338 Lapua Magnum. This rifle is a modular multikalibernoe weapons intended for use by patrons kalibra.338 Lapua Magnum (option AI AX338) i.308 Winchester (option AI AX308), as well as kalibra.300 Winchester Magnum when changing gates, trunks and shops.

    < td> Sighting range, m
    Caliber, mm 12.7h99
    (.50 BMG)
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed

    Barrel length, mm 692
    Weight empty, kg 12.5
    store count. cartridges 5
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 925
    In basic models

    sniper rifles and AX338 AX308 company Accuracy International was developed large-caliber (antimaterial) sniper rifle «AX50» under patron.50 BMG (12.7h99 mm).

    In fact

    rifle lineup Accuracy International AX, is an improved modification of the rifle series AW, which were inherited from the durability, reliability, excellent accuracy and ease of maintenance, to give high quality ergonomic and lightweight.

    sniper rifle AI AX50 has an aluminum support rail, which carries the receiver, bed items, etc. The new rifle developer has used the experience gained in creating rifle AI AW50, support rail which was not fully closed and had nylon lining thickening in the receiver and the chamber, allowing more efficient to distribute the force transmitted from the receiver on a bed, which is beneficial to the accuracy of fire. The rear of the support rail is closed nylon lining forming tiller fire ends attachment point-turning stock. In front of the closed tire grip, providing comfortable holding a rifle "weak" hand, and has attachment points for forearm rifles.

    sniper rifle accuracy international ax50
    Accuracy International AX50 Forearm

    octagonal frame is rigidly mounted on the DIN rail, whose faces are equipped with fixing points, allowing the site to install the guide, multiple overlays or additional hardware. This design combines foregrip opportunities to accommodate a bipod, sights and attachments thereto, and additional units LCC handles with effective removal of hot air from the trunk through the unused mounting holes.

    Svobodnovyveshenny new rifle barrel similar trunks Series AW, has a sleek profile, or the profile with the dales. The trunk is equipped with new high-efficiency two-chamber muzzle brake flash hider (formerly AW series used single chamber).

    trunk set into the receiver as well as on other rifles of the company - is screwed into the thread in the receiver, giving it additional rigidity.


    identical series AW receiver installed on the mounting rail - first receiver glued with epoxy resin and then bolted to the frame using bolts.

    sniper rifle accuracy international ax50
    view controls Accuracy International AX50

    On the upper surface of the receiver a rail-type Picatinny rail, designed for mounting various optical or electro-optical sights.

    bolt group with a longitudinally-sliding bolt action identical to that of a series of AW. Stem diameter was 30 mm shutter.

    Locking occurs by three lugs, shutter angle is 60 °, which reduces the time reloading.

    trigger mechanism of a rifle with a warning has adjustment efforts.

    sniper rifle accuracy international ax50
    shutter and shop with patronom.50 BMG, used in
    Accuracy International AX50

    bolt group has anti-icing coating and receiver and other metal parts anticorrosion coating.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 5 rounds. In support rail cutout, which promotes greater comfort when handling the store.

    fire control handle and butt are offered in two versions, will be copied in the design bed for AW series or in a new version which structurally repeats butt applied rifle company in Covert. In the second case, pistol grip is not closed and has the ability to adjust the form itself by changing the inserts on the rear. Form handle maximally adapted for precision shooting, due to the removal of the handle angle and position of your hand on it.

    sniper rifle accuracy international ax50
    view butt Accuracy International AX50

    Despite embodiment, the stock has a butt pad adjustment to the angle in the plane perpendicular to the axis of the rifle and the height, length adjustment of the stock due to the height adjustment spacers and cheeks. On both sides of the butt is equipped with sling attachment and monopod (emphasis added) new construction in the recess under the "weak" hand. Unlike the old design with a lock washer on the AX series rifles used pushbutton lock. Monopod height 115 mm, and can order a two-stage monopod. The bottom surface of the stock can be installed Picatinny rail type.

    rifle stock - exposed parts of the mounting rail and forearm, as well as lining, can have three basic colors - black, green, or yellow-brown, or any other on request.

    claimed sighting range rifle Accuracy International AX.50 using special brand of ammunition is slightly less than 2,400 meters.

    sniper rifle accuracy international ax50

    Accuracy International AX50
    (Partially disassembled)


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