Sniper rifle Accuracy International L96 A1 / Arctic Warfare / PSG90


    In 1982, a group of designers of Accuracy International, headed by Malcolm Cooper, a famous athlete and engineer, began developing a new sniper rifle. The following year, their work and interested in the Swedish army.

    New rifles started

    called model PM (Precision Magazine - Accurate shops) were exhibited at competitions held in both countries.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90

    In 1984, Moldova was recognized as the best in the UK and the Army signed a contract for the supply of 1,238 rifles, received the official designation L96A1. Then followed orders from law enforcement agencies 19 more countries. There are different variants of the rifle - with a folding stock and integrated silencer for shooting special bullets at subsonic speed, then both of these features have been combined in a single model - Covert.

    Model PM sniper rifle remained in production until 1990 and was released in excess of 2,000 units.


    PM (L96A1) production was associated with the emergence of a new variant of the rifle - Model AW (Arctic Warfare - Arctic Army), improved in accordance with the wishes of the Swedish army, demanding uptime rifle in harsh winter conditions.

    In the new model changes were made in the form of boxes, sights, bipod design, etc.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90
    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare (AI AW)
    Caliber 7.62x51 mm

    In 1990 AW, after many trials, was put into service in Sweden under the designation PSG90. In this country was delivered in 1105 these rifles.

    Subsequently, Arctic Warfare attracted the attention of the military and police in Belgium, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Oman, France, Malaysia and other countries.

    In 1992, in Germany, the tender for the sniper rifle G22 - despite the best efforts of the Germans who wanted to beat the results in favor of his arms, AW benefits were undeniable. Some representatives GSG9 (German unit to combat terrorism), representing good, what should be the weapon sniper, then stated that the rifle Accuracy Internatonal - the best ever created.

    In the basic model by Accuracy International was developed and launched production of a whole series of rifles based on the AW - options of different calibers, with different barrel length and step cutting with integrated silencers, etc. It also created a heavy large-caliber sniper rifle caliber. 50BMG.

    By 1997, the volume of orders Arctic Warfare was 3000 pieces and continued to grow. Rifles became available and civil customers - appropriate modifications meet the competition rules of the International Shooting Union (UIT) and the rules of many regional competitions.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90
    Trunks Arctic Warfare:
    1 - 24 "AWP cal.243" or.308 "
    2 - 27 "Fluted for
    .338 "Lapua Magnum
    3 - 26 "Fluted for
    .300 "Win Magnum
    4 - 16.2 "Fully
    Suppressed.308 "
    5 - Suppressor for
    16.2 "AWMP
    6 - 20 "with muzzle brake
    .308 "(Also available Fluted)
    7 - 26 "AW cal.243" Win
    Or.308 "Win

    Arctic Warfare is an opt in repeating rifle with the sliding bolt. Locking is provided by turning the shutter angle is reduced and 60 degrees, as indeed in many other rifles of similar design. Valve has three lugs at the front, the fourth stop is a handle for turning the notch part of the receiver. Handle is at the end of a massive spherical knob and managed quite easily, thanks to the large size - touch. Move the shutter is slightly more than 100 mm, with 2/3 platoon trigger occur when opening, and the rest - when closing the shutter. Move the hammer to the primer of the cartridge only 6 mm, which provides very little time detection mechanism. Deicing shutter design - with longitudinal grooves - allows it to operate reliably at low temperatures in harsh environments.

    characteristic feature rifles AW is secure all parts to a rigid frame (called a chassis) of aluminum alloy. This design enhances the rigidity, which in turn has a positive effect on the accuracy. Many manufacturers have paid attention to it just after the rifle Accuracy International. Chassis for easy maintenance and repairs rifle shooter can no longer think about the parts of fit, bumped with wear. Available shooting even without a bed.


    Match AW trunks can have different lengths and are typically made of stainless steel (the exception of a short-variants). Trunk freely oscillating, is screwed into the threads in the receiver, giving it additional rigidity. Locking ring with slots for input lugs screwed onto the barrel and can be installed with a new wear ring for a few seconds. Some versions can be equipped with a flame arrester rifles, muzzle brake, muffler sound of gunfire. There are also versions with integrated silencer.

    Receiver in the manufacture of first glued and then bolted to the frame. The glue which is used as an epoxy resin, provides a uniform force distribution, which is very important to reduce vibrations. And the receiver and barrel are coated with an epoxy-based - black, green or camouflage.


    rifle represents two halves fastened to the chassis are made of high strength polymer (nylon filler). May be different coloring - in most cases, olive green.

    Butt has a hole for the thumb and a height-adjustable stop for the cheeks.

    comes bundled several interchangeable recoil pad for different thickness of the butt - to fit the particular hand or his clothes. Base, which is attached to back plate can be adjusted vertically and horizontally in the transverse direction, for convenience when shooting from different positions - often bizarre when shooting in cramped conditions in the forest or in the city.

    Trigger pull is adjustable from 1.6 to 2 kg. The trigger mechanism keeps working even when heavily soiled or frost build-up. Fuse blocks the trigger, firing pin and locks the bolt handle, preventing any possibility of accidental discharge.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90
    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Folding (AI AWF)
    Caliber 7.62x51 with folded butt

    Rifles Accuracy International can be equipped with various optical sights, a seat which serves strap Weaver allows you to install the appropriate (and if there are any other adapters almost) without zeroing sights or adjust in seconds. The company offers sights Schmidt & Bender 6x42, 10h42-10h56, or 2.5. AW for Sweden had sights Hensoldt 10h42 model Super Magnum usually equipped with optics Bausch & Lomb Tactical 10x. For short-recommended options riflescope Schmidt & Bender 3-12x50.

    L96A1 possessed and mechanical sight range of up to 800 meters. In most cases, Arctic Warfare is also equipped with a spare mechanical sight consisting of flies, which serves as a base for the muzzle brake and rear sight. The front sight can be adjusted in height and has a protective lining. There are two types of pillars - "Swedish" and "Belgian" options created on the orders of the armies of the countries concerned. "Swedish" option - diopter drum with setting range of 200-600 meters, adjustable horizontally. "Belgian" - folding diopter, without adjustments, firing range of up to 400 meters.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90
    AW container

    Stores - removable steel box-10 cartridges for rifles kalibrov.223, .243 i.308 or 5 rounds for others.

    Standard features also include folding adjustable detachable bipod - a kind of bipod firm Parker-Hale.


    mount thrust belt for supporting hands. Strap can be attached to any side or bottom of the box, arrow offering any of the possible ways to wear.

    for carrying weapons can also be used aluminum case with soft inner padding or durable container field. The first option has the space to accommodate the accessory kit, two spare magazines and sight, the other - for accessories, four stores, cover rifles and other small things.

    Over time, a number of options for Arctic Warfare, corresponding to different views on what should be a good sniper rifle.

    base model 1990, variants with different power structures posed sights Sweden and Belgium, is designed for use 7.62x51 ammunition (.308 Winchester) and has a barrel length of 660 mm. cutting steps 1 turn in 12 inches and is equipped with a muzzle brake that reduces recoil. In 1993, there were rifle AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) with a barrel length of 610. mm without a muzzle brake. Such an approach is more in line with U.S. preferences and aims to achieve the highest possible accuracy, even for a little more than short distances - shorter barrel less sags under its own weight and is more rigid. Muzzle brake or any other similar device may also affect the flight of the bullet.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90
    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Police (AI AWP)

    Individual options can be equipped with an even shorter barrel, such as a limited edition model AW CFI Limited Edition, with a barrel length of 508 mm, more convenient to handle, or for use with a silencer sound.

    Rifles may also have other calibers on request. Become fairly well known options kalibrov.223 i.243 Remington Winchester. First, as a rule, has a barrel length of 660 mm and a pitch of rifling 8 inches - a weapon for athletes rather than for military or police. Another more common in the performance of AWP and has 610 mm barrel with rifling pitch of 10 inches - with patronami.243 Win easier to achieve higher accuracy, but the ammunition used for combat missions, perhaps only in the American police. Both of these sample, usually do not have a muzzle brake and as a consequence, are not equipped with open sights.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90
    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum Folding (AI AWM F)
    Kalibra.300 Winchester Magnum, with a folding butt

    Large enough popular Accuracy International, called AWM (Arctic Warfare Magnum) or, sometimes, SM (Super Magnum). This powerful weapon chambered 7 mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum ili.338 Lapua Magnum, having usually stems 660 or 686 mm (dlya.338), equally spaced cuts 1 turn in 11 inches and equipped with a muzzle brake.

    Naturally, this division is largely arbitrary and merely reflects the most popular combination of caliber and barrel. Small production volumes allow occurrence commissioned rifles in virtually any configuration. Thus, the already mentioned AW CFI Limited Edition with the barrel 508 mm available in all calibers - .223 Remington, .243 Winchester, .308 Winchester, 7 mm Remington Magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum and dazhe.338 Lapua Magnum. At the muzzle of rifles had thread allows you to install muzzle brake, flash suppressor or silencer sound.

    For their rifles

    company Accuracy International began offering, as a rule, American Muffler, such as ThunderTrap company AWC System Technology - all stainless steel, compact (215 mm long and 40 mm in diameter) and lightweight (780 g) but very effective - reducing sound pressure level at more than 35 decibels and make sound different from the sound of the shot. These mufflers are designed for calibers ot.223Rem do.300WinMag.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90
    Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Covert Sniper (AI AWS)
    With integrated silencer
    It is worth noting

    specialized noiseless options rifles Accuracy International. The first such rifle was created on the basis of more L96A1 - model Covert Sniper. The rifle was equipped with integral silencer, made integral with the barrel, which can be easily and quickly separated from the rifle. Boxes different from the standard design of the butt - had pistol grip fire control, and the butt on the narrow neck could emerge. Disassembled rifle with folded butt fit into a suitcase conventional type - equipped with wheels and retractable handle. Admits shooting as conventional ammunition and ammunition subsonic bullets to achieve maximum concealment, but only for short distances - up to 400 meters.

    Quiet rifle silencers with integrated steel and manufactured based on Arctic Warfare - AWS (Arctic Warfare Supressed). This gun is equipped with a standard bed of known variants kalibrov.308 Win i.338 Lapua Mag.

    sniper rifle accuracy international l96 a1 / arctic warfare / psg90
    Arctic Warfare AW50

    Another rifle that uses some elements of Arctic Warfare - AW50 model under patrony.50 BMG (Browning machine gun 12.7h99), created in anticipation of such weapons tests in the UK. AW50 has a number of means of reducing the impact of powerful patrons and folding butt with height-adjustable focus, along with a bipod standard sample forming a tripod - shoot with hands almost impossible, since the mass of the rifle is 16 kg. Barrel length 686 mm, the store has a capacity of 5 rounds. Effective range of such weapons is 1500-2000 meters.

    rifles are able to achieve very high accuracy. For standard AW guaranteed hit with a distance of 100 meters in a circle of diameter less than 20 mm (less than 3/4 MOA), for short-AWP - less than 1/2 MOA (scattering cross section is corresponds with 100 meters approximately 15 mm), although given the right ammunition good shooter may snub with tough choices with their trunk and reach 1/4 MOA (less than 8 mm - when shots have virtually no rassevaniya). Such accuracy can show very few rifles, especially scale production as Arctic Warfare.

    Achieving such results are rarely combined with high reliability, and sniper rifles to his demand deference. Arctic Warfare showed what a weapon capable of this level - endurance tests made over 10,000 shots, all mechanisms remain functional and do not give failures or delays in the shooting - only required replacement of the barrel, is not showing a high accuracy due to wear, but quite usable. Guaranteed accuracy of hits persists for more than 5000 shots (most other rifles 3000-3500 shots). Testing in harsh Arctic conditions in Sweden AW operate reliably at temperatures up to minus 40 degrees Celsius, as well as sharp jumps in temperature, with the formation of condensate freezing instantly. Arctic Warfare is easy to maintain - requiring no special tools or common for rifles that level of torque wrench.

    At the same time, achieving similar results and certainly not an easy task, as a consequence, the cost of production Accuracy International is also very high, which was not less than $ 6,000 for a fully loaded rifle (with case, bipod, belt, gun, etc. etc.). Cost ThunderTrap muffler was about 1000 $.

    < td> 686
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO 5.56x45
    .300 Win Mag
    .338 Lapua Mag
    .243 Win
    .308 Win
    .308 Win .50 BMG
    Length мм127011801200112012001420
    Длина barrel, mm 660 660 660/686 610 660
    Weight empty, kg 6.8 6,2 / 5,9 6 6,5 6 15
    Count. cartridges
    5 8/10 10 10 10 5
    Effective range, m 800 1000 1100 600 400 2000
    Major modifications

    sniper rifle Arctic Warfare:
    AWM - AW Series Super Magnum by Winchester Magnum patrony.300 i.338 Lapua Magnum.
    AWP - police version.
    AW CFI - with a shortened barrel to 508 mm.
    AWS - variant with integrated silencer.
    AWF - version with a folding stock (usually combined with other modifications).
    AW50 - chambered kalibra.50 BMG.


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