Sniper rifle Al Kadesih

    sniper rifle al kadesih
    «Al Kadesih»

    sniper rifle «Al Kadesih» is another copy of Soviet SVD sniper rifle and has a very strong resemblance to the sniper rifle Romanian PSL.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x54R
    Length mm 1225
    Barrel length, mm 620
    Weight without
    And optics kg
    Count. cartridges
    sniper rifle al kadesih
    Al Kadesih

    The developers «Al Kadesih» argue about features making their rifles (using stamping and spot welding), which differs significantly from its SVD and supposedly improve its use in sandy conditions.

    sniper rifle al kadesih

    Al Kadesih (Iraq), SVD (USSR / Russia), PSL (Romania)

    The design principle of «Al Kadesih» unlike SVD include: changing the trigger, flame arrester and flies rigidly mounted trunk, rubber pad on the butt, slightly increased stamping shop with stylized trees.

    This manufacturing technology Iraqi sniper rifle unlike SVD has been changed, which led to the inability to use bolshinastva details VDS Al Kadesih.


    optical sight PSO-1 (IRS) on the «Al Kadesih» often set sight similar OM-M76 4X.

    TTX sniper rifle «Al Kadesih» identical SVD. Effective range of the Iraqi rifle is 600 meters.

    sniper rifle al kadesih
    «Al Kadesih»
    Partial disassembly


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