Sniper rifle Arisaka Type 97

    sniper rifle arisaka type 97
    Arisaka Type 97
    sniper rifle arisaka type 97
    Type 38

    In 1894, Japanese army started to replace obsolete rifles Murat.

    As a result, in 1930 adopted the Imperial Army of Japan has developed and adopted a new rifle and Type 30 6.5 mm cartridge for her (6.5h52).

    In 1906 Type 30 rifle was modified and adopted the Japanese army began to enter its modification - infantry rifle Arisaka Type 38 rifle and at its base.

    sniper rifle arisaka type 97
    Type 97

    In 1937, based on Type 38 rifle was created sniper rifle Arisaka Type 97.

    Adaptation Type 38 rifle in a sniper rifle Type 97 was carried out by mounting optical sights multiplicity 2.5X or 4X.

    sniper rifle arisaka type 97
    Mounting Type 97 rifle sight Rifle has

    rotary bolt Mauzerovskogo type with two front locking lugs and non-rotating massive extractor.

    Fuse looks round knurled rotary cover located on the rear end of the gate, and having a groove indicator to determine the status of the fuse visually and by touch.

    < td> Effective range, m
    Caliber, mm 6.5x50
    Length mm 1280
    Barrel length, mm 797
    Weight empty, kg 3.95
    Capacity count. cartridges 5
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 762

    distinctive feature of Arisaka rifles was movable cover shutter bent sheet steel, which was moving forward - backward together with the shutter. The purpose of this was to protect the valve cover from dirt and moisture in the harsh climate of South and Southeast Asia, but it also created unnecessary sounds when reloading, and the soldiers shot her often.

    Another feature was a very long barrel, which, combined with low-power cartridge led to the fact that the muzzle flash when fired almost was not.


    optical sight rifle had open sight adjustable for range.

    The box

    neotemny shop also Mauzerovskogo type could hold 5 rounds in a staggered manner, and equips of the plate clips or individual cartridges.

    Rifles manned detachable bayonet bladed type worn by a sheath.


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