Sniper Rifle Armalite AR-10 (T) / AR-10 (T) Ultra Mag / AR-10 SuperSASS

    sniper rifle armalite ar-10 (t) / ar-10 (t) ultra mag / ar-10 supersass
    Armalite AR-10 (T)

    Sniper Rifle Armalite AR-10 (T) is intended for use as a police sniper rifles, target shooting and hunting.

    Rifle Armalite AR-10 (T) designed by the renowned American company Armalite Inc. based assault rifle AR-10, which in turn is a development of the original AR-10 rifles 7.62 mm and AR-15 / M16 5.56-mm.

    Sniper Rifle Armalite AR-10 (T) is a semi-automatic weapon and uses the vapor-automatic direct supply of propellant gases in the bolt group (Stoner system). Locking barrel by turning the bolt.

    sniper rifle armalite ar-10 (t) / ar-10 (t) ultra mag / ar-10 supersass
    Assault Rifle
    Armalite AR-10A4
    Carrying handle, iron sights are not set

    receiver box type Armalite AR-10A4 and is equipped with a so-called Match barrel (channel improved processing quality) stainless steel. The receiver is made of aluminum alloy and consists of two parts connected by transverse pins.

    From AR-10A4 rifle differs cylindrical (tubular) forearm and static ring for attaching forearm to the receiver of another design, and upgraded to ensure a highly firing trigger mechanism type National Match.

    Rifle has no open sights and is equipped with an integrated rail type Picatinny rail on the receiver, allowing quick setup and change of optical sights.

    Food made from detachable box magazine with a capacity of 10 or 20 rounds.

    buttstock, pistol grip and handguard are made of impact-resistant plastic.

    If necessary

    rifle equipped with a bipod, folding forward.

    sniper rifle armalite ar-10 ( t) / ar-10 (t) ultra mag / ar-10 supersass
    Armalite AR-10 (T)
    Bipod not installed
    At one time

    sniper rifle Armalite AR-10 (T) participated in the competition for a new semi-automatic sniper rifle XM110 for the U.S. Army, but lost in many ways similar to the rifle Knight's SR-25.

    Sniper Rifle Armalite AR-10 (T) when firing ammunition of various types showed very good results in terms of accuracy: the average spread of results ranged from 0.83 to 1.15 MOA.

    From the end of 2003 began to be made Rifle Armalite AR-10 (T) «Ultra Mag» under patron.300RSUM (.300 Remington Short Action Ultra Mag), designed by the famous American arms by Remington Arms Company, Inc.

    sniper rifle armalite ar-10 ( t) / ar-10 (t) ultra mag / ar-10 supersass
    AR-10 (T) Ultra Mag

    This model was the result of joint work of experts Armalite Inc. with the division of the army gunsmiths U.S. Army (United States Army Marksmanship Unit) to improve the design AR-10 (T) for the model with greater effective range aimed fire.

    When choosing

    caliber was preferred patronu.300RSUM (competitor whose vystupal.300 Winchester Short Magnum), since it has a more solid sleeve that gives it advantages when used in semi-automatic rifle.

    AR-10 (T) AR-10 (T)
    Ultra Mag
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51
    .300 RSUM 7.62x51
    Weight 4.72 5.22 6.35
    Length mm 1103 1103 1130
    Barrel length, mm 508 508 508
    Fire, m
    Count. cartridges
    10, 20

    In connection with the introduction of a new caliber have changed some elements of the design. Modification Armalite AR-10 (T) «Ultra Mag» has modernized system gases from the barrel, providing optimal action rifles using patronov.300RSUM. Changes were made as ammunition supply system. Rifle barrel was specifically designed for standard patronov.300RSUM and not a modification of the stem at the NATO caliber 7.62 x 51 mm.

    Also based on AR-10 (T) was developed sniper rifle AR-10 SuperSASS, design which took into account the requirements of the military in the implementation of the program to create a new semi-automatic sniper system (SASS).

    AR-10 SuperSASS different from the AR-10 (T) the possibility of installing the muffler, adjustable venting (to optimize the automatic installation of the muffler), forearm AFRL (ArmaLite Floating Rail System) proprietary Armalite company with guide rail type and M1913 spats hand. The rifle also has a permanent butt new design.

    sniper rifle armalite ar-10 ( t) / ar-10 (t) ultra mag / ar-10 supersass
    AR-10 SuperSASS


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