Sniper Rifle Armalite AR-30

    sniper rifle armalite ar-30
    Armalite AR-30

    Sniper Rifle Armalite AR-30 is designed to engage manpower and unarmored vehicles opponent Production started American company «ArmaLite, Inc.».

    sniper rifle armalite ar-30
    Armalite AR-30

    Armalite AR-30 was developed in the late 90-ies of XX century and was first exhibited at Shot Show 2000.

    new sniper rifle was developed based on rifle Armalite AR-30.

    longitudinally sliding bolt action rifle, automatic rifle recharge occurs through the use of a residual pressure of powder gases at the bottom of the shot sleeve. The bore when firing the shutter locked staging lugs.


    weapons widely used aluminum, which has allowed to establish heavy barrel without increasing the total mass of weapons.

    Armalite AR-30 is only used with an optical sight. Mechanical sighting devices are not available, however, on the lid of the receiver has the plank type Picatiny rail for mounting optical and night sights.

    Caliber, mm 7.62? 67. (300 Win Mag)
    7.62x51 (.308 Winchester)
    8.6? 70 (.338 Lapua)
    Weight empty, kg 5.1
    Length mm 1066
    Barrel length, mm 610
    Sighting range, m 1000
    Capacity count. cartridges 10

    Food rifles made from detachable magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

    The safety catch and release button shop located on the right side above the opening of the trigger guard.

    rifle used in pistol grip and lightweight tactical butt of a modified M16 assault rifle.

    Butt - Removable Fitted cheek.

    for comfortable aiming the gun at the rifle has a bipod mount. Height adjustable bipod.

    Issue sniper rifle Armalite AR-30 has been launched in several versions, the main difference between them - the barrel for firing different ammunition:
    Armalite AR-30M300 - under patron.300 Win Mag.
    Armalite AR-30M308 - under patron.308 Winchester.
    Armalite AR-30M338 - under patron.338 Lapua.

    sniper rifle armalite ar-30
    Armalite AR-30


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