Sniper rifle AT1-C24

    sniper rifle at1-c24


    In the 1990s, the Canadian firm Armament Technology established production sniper rifle AT1-C24, intended to arm the army and police snipers. Rifle was also offered on the civilian market weapons, mostly for sport shooting.

    sniper rifle at1-c24

    AT1-C24 is a modification of the American sniper rifle M24.

    Changes rifle were mainly with regard to its use in northern climates. Has been refined and improved the quality of manufacturing and finishing parts of weapons, for the manufacture of an elongated barrel used more quality steel, Kevlar-reinforced bed.

    According to the manufacturer

    sniper rifle AT1-C24 shows the grouping is 0.5 MOA, and the trunk holds up to 10,000 shots.

    By design

    Canadian Rifle AT1-C24 is completely analogous to the American M24.

    < td> 660
    Caliber, mm .223 Rem .,
    .308 Win.,
    .300 Win. Mag.
    Length mm 1156
    Barrel length, mm
    Weight 6.2
    Count. cartridges
    4 - 10
    On the model)
    Fire, m

    rifle - not automatic.

    Shutter - longitudinal sliding. The bore when fired rotating bolt locks with statement on its lugs.

    trigger mechanism, as well as slide group, borrowed from the Remington 700 rifle.

    Barrel AT1-C24 - heavy stainless steel. Can be equipped with a flame arrester and muffler.

    iron sights rifle has not. At the same time on the receiver plate for attaching an optical sight that standard for this rifle was adopted 3.5-10x 30 mm.

    Lodge rifle butt and made of high-strength plastic and reinforced aluminum frame.

    Butt equipped with rubber butt pad and a height-adjustable cheek.

    In front of the lodge are slots for mounting height-adjustable bipod.

    Issue rifle AT1-C24 has been launched in three versions:

    AT1-C24 - the base model under patrony.308 Win. ili.300 Win. Mag.
    AT1-C24B - under patron.308 Win.
    AT1-M24 - under patrony.223 Rem., .308 Win., .300 Win. Mag.

    Sniper rifles

    AT1-C24 models were adopted by a number of police forces in Canada and the United States.


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