Sniper rifle AVS-36


    Sniper automatic rifle Simonov AVS-36 is a variant of standard semi-automatic rifle AVS-36.

    In the early 1930s Sergei Simonov began to develop semi-automatic rifle. In 1936, his rifle design was adopted by the Red Army under the designation "7.62-mm automatic rifle Simonov from 1936", or ABC-36.

    sniper rifle AVS-36

    Automatic rifle AVS-36 works by using the energy of powder gases discharged from the bore when fired. Implemented in the design of the rifle barrel locking provided an opportunity due to the optimal load distribution in the closing shutter unit to reduce weight and all rifles.

    sniper rifle AVS-36
    sniper rifle AVS-36

    reloading mechanism at ABC-36 is actuated powder gases bled from the barrel, and the first gas operated unit with short-stroke gas piston was located above the barrel. Also "know-how" and the principle of the wedge began locking gate at which locking is performed vertically moving wedge is a rectangular prism with a through passage for window shutter.

    fire from rifles can be conducted both single shots and bursts. Appropriate translator fire flag type mounted at the rear of the trigger guard.

    rifle also has a safety against accidental firing and muzzle brake, absorbing a significant part of the recoil energy.


    power rifle ammunition during firing provided detachable box magazine capacity of 15 rounds.

    bladed bayonet rifle was completed, which could be used as additional support, for which a bayonet rotated by an angle of 90 ° with respect to the barrel axis.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x54
    Length mm 1260
    Barrel length, mm 627
    Weight empty, kg 4.2
    Maximum firing range 1500
    rds / min 800
    Capacity, number . cartridges 15

    sniper rifle AVS-36 differs from the standard semi-automatic rifle AVS-36 only in the presence of an optical sight PE and more accurate processing of the bore to obtain the required accuracy of the battle.

    Because the spent cartridges are ejected from the receiver up and forward, the scope mount attached to the receiver on the left of the axis of weapons.

    sniper rifle AVS-36 has the advantage that due to automatic reloading and cocking the firing mechanism before each shot arrows may be limited only in one motion - pulling the trigger Thus it is not necessary to change the position of the hands, body and head, as it accounts for do before firing a rifle out of the ordinary, requiring reloading cartridges. Thus, all the attention the arrow can be focused on the conduct of battlefield observation and finding the target.

    sniper rifle AVS-36
    Fixing PE sight on ABC-36 Production

    rifle AVS-36 operates in the 1934-1939-ies Izhmash. Total for all years of production were produced 65,800 rifles ABC-36, the number of sniper rifles for all years was - 200 units.


    mounted on ABC-36 rifle sight sector type admitted conduct aimed fire at a distance of up to 1500 m, with automatic firing sighting range declined several times. This, along with the high flow of ammunition, was the reason that, as he recalled the then People's Commissar of weapons BL Vannikov, Stalin demanded to create automatic rifle, maintenance of automatic fire from which it would be possible, because, as he said, in battlefield conditions shooters nervous condition that makes them pointless continuous shooting, wastage of a large number of rounds.

    Because of this decision

    rifle AVS-36 was replaced in the production of semi-automatic rifle Tokarev SVT-38.


    sniper rifle AVS-36 remained in service with the Soviet snipers.


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