Sniper rifle AWC G2 / AWC G2A / AWC G2FA

    sniper rifle awc g2 / awc g2a / awc g2fa
    AWC G2

    AWC G2 sniper rifle developed in the early 1990s, two well-known designers of weapons - Lynn McWilliams and Gale McMillain.

    < td> Effective range, m
    Caliber, mm 7.62? 51
    (.308 Win)
    Length mm 762
    Barrel length, mm 503
    Weight empty, kg 5.27
    Capacity, count. cartridges 10, 20
    Rate of fire / min 30

    Lynn McWilliams - developer of the AWC, to create a rifle AWC G2 based his rifle M14 / M1A and in close cooperation with the inventor Gale McMillain developed a new sniper rifle, are sorted out according to the scheme bull-pup.

    sniper rifle AWC G2 - semi-automatic and uses the vapor.

    iron sights are not available, but the rifle is equipped with brackets for mounting optical and night sights.

    Food made from detachable shops on 10 and 20 rounds.

    rifle can be equipped with adjustable bipod attached to the front end of the forearm.

    Whole lodge has an adjustable buttstock with "cheek».

    sniper rifle awc g2 / awc g2a / awc g2fa
    AWC G2A

    sniper rifle AWC G2 has several modifications differing weight, trunks, semi-automatic and fully automatic automation system:

    sniper rifle awc g2 / awc g2a / awc g2fa
    AWC G2FA
    - Model AWC G2A version differs from G2 heavier barrel and mounting system sights.
    - Model AWC G2FA is fully automatic version of the AWC G2.

    In later developments AWC G2 + receiver and handguard were equipped with slats type Picatinny.

    sniper rifle AWC G2 shows the accuracy of 1 MOA.


    new rifle has not received great popularity and was released in very limited quantities.

    sniper rifle awc g2 / awc g2a / awc g2fa
    AWC G2 +


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