Sniper Rifle Barret 98B / 98 Bravo

    sniper rifle barret 98b / 98 bravo
    Barrett 98B

    In 1997, the American company Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Ltd, is most famous for its very successful large-caliber sniper rifles, primarily - Barrett M82A1, initiated the development of a new sniper rifle caliber 8,6 x70 mm (.338 Lapua Magnum).

    sniper rifle barret 98b / 98 bravo
    Barrett 98B

    In 1998 semiautomatic sniper rifle with the designation Barret 98B (Barret 98 Bravo) was unveiled at the SHOT Show, but for some reason a new weapon in production is not received.


    2000s project Barret 98 Bravo was renewed.

    In 2008, U.S. Marine Corps was interested in purchasing a new rifle kalibra.338 Lapua Magnum, and in 2009 was started serial production Barret 98B.

    Rifle Barrett 98B was designed as a long-range sniper weapons, providing the opportunity to fire at enemy troops at distances up to 1500 meters, while being significantly lighter than similar-caliber options.

    sniper rifle barret 98b / 98 bravo
    Barrett 98B
    Without sights set
    sniper rifle barret 98b / 98 bravo
    Barrett 98B

    sniper rifle Barrett 98 Bravo uses manually reset with rotary bolt. Shutter engages directly with the breech that offloads receiver box and use it to manufacture lightweight aluminum alloys.

    In developing Barrett 98B creators used weapons system design similar to that used in the American assault rifle M16. As a result of receiver consists of two parts (upper and lower) are pivotally connected to the front of the store in front of the receiver.

    sniper rifle barret 98b / 98 bravo
    Barrett 98B

    rifle barrel has longitudinal valleys to facilitate and improve cooling, and fitted with an effective muzzle brake.

    Caliber, mm 8.6h70
    (.338 Lapua Magnum)
    Length mm 1264
    Barrel length, mm 686
    Weight 6.12
    Count. cartridges
    Fire, m

    trigger mechanism is implemented as a separate module, easily extracted from weapons at partial disassembly, and allows it to adjust the shutter all the main parameters (stroke trigger, trigger force, etc.).

    Food weapons made from detachable box magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

    iron sights rifle Barrett 98B is not equipped. However, the top part of the receiver is equipped with an integrated rail type Picatinny rail on which the brackets are installed on the respective optical or night sights.


    front part of the upper receiver is additionally equipped with two guide Picatinny rail.

    rifle is complete ergonomic pistol grip and buttstock with adjustable butt pad and cheek emphasis. In the lower part of the butt built retractable adjustable foot-monopod.

    sniper rifle Barrett 98B is equipped with adjustable folding bipod.

    rifle transported in a special container.

    sniper rifle barret 98b / 98 bravo
    Barrett 98B
    Container for transporting


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