Sniper Rifle Barrett M99

    sniper rifle barrett m99
    Barrett M99

    large-caliber sniper rifle Barrett M99 is designed to combat enemy snipers, hitting it lightly armored vehicles, radar, artillery and rocket launchers, aircraft parked and manpower.

    < td> Capacity count. cartridges
    Caliber, mm .50 BMG (12.7x99)
    Weight empty, kg 10.40
    Length, 1190
    Barrel length, mm 737
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 853
    Sighting range, m 1800
    single shot

    Barrett M99 (Model 99) - single shot, large-caliber sniper rifle developed by "Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.".

    Rifle M99 - the first single-shot model, released by Barrett. Previously developed magazine rifle Barrett: M82A1 and M95 automatic with manual reset, became known worldwide, and the release of monovalent M99 rifles filled the "gap" in the product line of the firm.

    Issue rifle Barrett M99 has been launched by "Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc." in 1999 that, according to tradition firm, noted in her name. There is also another, unofficial name of this weapon - "Big Shot".

    sniper rifle barrett m99
    Barrett M99
    Optics is not installed, the bipod folded

    Barrett M99 sniper rifle is based on assembly scheme "bullpup" loading cartridge manually. Before firing arrows invests cartridge through a window in the receiver and locks him in the chamber gate. After the shot sleeve is extracted automatically when you unlock the gate. Longitudinal rolling shutter moves inside the receiver on parallel rails and closes the trunk for 15 stops.

    sniper rifle barrett m99
    Barrett M99
    Partial disassembly

    Receiver is made of aluminum alloy in a single piece. This feature distinguishes from other models M99 Barrett, as the receiver M82A1 and M95 are made of pressed steel and consist each of the two halves of the top and bottom.

    butt plate provided with a pillow amortization of special synthetic material, and the body of the trigger attached to the receiver cross-pins and can be easily removed for access to the details of the mechanism rifle.

    rifle barrel steel, extruded, has longitudinal trough to facilitate its cooling. To improve the survivability of the bore chrome. On the muzzle compensator installed, standard on all models produced by the company. Compensator design reduces recoil by thirty percent, which positively affects the accuracy of shooting.

    sniper rifle barrett m99
    Barrett M99 kalibra.50BMG
    (Barrel length 635, 737 and 812 mm)

    rifle is intended for firing from the stop, which has a detachable folding bipod, adjustable in height. At the request of the customer can be an extra fry "third leg" under the butt.

    Open rifle sights are not allowed. To install the optical sights on top of the receiver integrated universal guide M1913 "Picatinny Rail". Optical sight, due to the possibility of firing at long distances, set 10x with Reticle from 500 to 1800 meters and ballistic mesh recommended for patrons.

    Barrett Firearms Company

    adjusted release of several variants of this rifle, differing barrel length:
    - M99A1 - variant with "heavy" barrel length of 812 mm. A distinctive feature of the barrel, no gutters.
    - M99A1-1 - "basic" version with a barrel length of 737 mm.
    - M99A1-25 - short barrel length of 635 mm (25 inches).
    - M99-416 - This modification is available for ammunition kalibra.416 Barrett (10.5x83 mm). Barrel length 812 mm.

    sniper rifle barrett m99
    Barrett M99
    In carrying case

    It should be noted that the data here are conditional, since the change of variants produced by simply replacing the barrel (only for models kalibra.50BMG).

    Rifle Barrett M99, as well as other models, comes in a plastic case.

    sniper rifle Barrett Model 99, manufactured by "Barrett Firearms Manufacturing, Inc.", has been proposed for both military and civilian arms markets. Quite often, this model was used in competitions in sport shooting.

    In 2001, Barrett M99 sniper rifle world record was set in a shooting at a distance of 1,000 yards (911 meters) from the weapon caliber 12.7mm - 5 hits were placed in a circle with a diameter of only about 10 centimeters.


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