Sniper Rifle CheyTac LRRS / Long Range Rifle System

    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    Windrunner.50 cal - CheyTac LRRS M-100

    system ranged sniper rifles CheyTac LRRS (Long Range Rifle System) was specifically designed to defeat enemy personnel at large distances. In addition the new system could be used as weapons against antimaterial cars for clearance, etc.


    development rifles CheyTac LRRS M-100 rifle was based on Windrunner kalibra.50.

    According to the results

    test firings in South CreekFlats (Idaho) in the design and ergonomics of the rifle revealed the following shortcomings and ways to overcome them:

    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    system CheyTac Intervention M-200

    Mounting cheek:
    Cheek is not pushed forward a sufficient distance needed to make uniform the ready. With an eye planted on the arrow next to the slot and the correct distance eye - eyepiece, located directly below the cheek bone face the shooter. When extreme values requires super - precision choice distance eye eyepiece, which requires good support and cheeks. Solution: nominate cheek by 1.5 - 2 "forward or make it adjustable.

    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    CheyTac Intervention M-200

    pistol grip:
    Pistol grip design is based on the design of M-16. This angle is designed to combat the movement with arms in position Low Ready. Angle is too large for comfortable shooting from a prone position. This fact was brought to the attention and led to the proposal to replace the same price. The design resembles that used for PSG-NK 1, more vertical, and with wide wrist support at the bottom and a removable adjustable.

    The trigger:
    Measured force was about 4 kg. This is unacceptable for long-range shooting, since the processing of weapon unbalances hook. Effort was brought to 1.5 kg at the last day of the test. This change has led to excellent results. Deep curve standard Remington trigger too extreme. In severe descent, this reduces the depth of mechanical advantage, which has arrows. Any aktsentuiruetsya slow motion and it seems that the effort harder than it actually is. Solution: Replace the trigger on the Remington type or similar Jewell Match descent greater length (vertical) and a vertical profile.

    Base mounting sight:
    Need for more rigorous testing of aluminum bases to confirm the repeatability of "zero" for removal and installation of the sight. During firing was observed damage from seizures base rings mounting optics. Bumps and potholes affect the repeatability of "zero" system. It was also noted that the "body" of the base was thicker than the nominal value. Measurements pokazali.270 "although zayavleno.250." The result of this was that bad sight mounting clamps sit on mounting base. Although it is not reflected in the accuracy of fire, but caused problems with centering horizontally. Also larger size contributes to the repeatability of "zero" for removal and installation of the sight. It is strongly recommended the use of steel in the manufacture of the base run. Speed of thermal expansion of aluminum is different than that of the steel rings. The rate of expansion base and rings should be maintained to ensure repeatability same day sight. This advantage is worth a little more weight.

    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    CheyTac Intervention M-200
    When shooting

    Bipod, although shortened as compared to the original length are too long. This raises the head and neck hand in an awkward position and can lead to injury. Bipod more convenient for Benchrest than tactical ready position lying too close to the rear of the weapon. Bipod and their method of fixing does not allow the use of other types of izgotovok shooting (ie belt focus, with an emphasis in custom objects, such as a backpack, a tree trunk, etc.). Bipod should be made on at least 13-15 inches. Must be provided that all possible types izgotovok including belt guard, focus on the trunk, stone, backpack helicopter vertical grid system, etc. This can be achieved using a tubular structure in the likeness of the one used in the AR-15.

    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    CheyTac Intervention M-200
    Caliber, mm 10.3 (. 408 Chey Tac)
    Length mm 1400 (butt nominated)
    1220 (butt retracted)
    Barrel length, mm 762
    Weight empty kg 12.3
    Capacity count. cartridges 5
    Effective range, m Over 2000

    Based on the results obtained on the test firing was developed model M-200, all based on the same sniper rifle Windrunner kalibra.50 established American company EDM Arms, but with changes and identified gaps.

    Rifle CheyTac Intervention M-200 - weapon shop with longitudinally sliding turning congestion.

    Barrel Rifle Intervention M-200 cantilever suspended in the receiver, it is hidden in the rear of the tubular casing, which carries the folding bipod and carrying handle.

    on the muzzle can strengthen the effectiveness of the muzzle brake or silencer shot sound OPSINC.

    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    CheyTac Intervention M-200
    In carrying case

    iron sights rifle is not completed. To install the optics used native guide type Picatinny, considered the main optical sight Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X. If necessary, an optical sight can be supplemented module AN/PVS-14 night vision and infrared laser for illumination purposes AN/PEQ-2.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable single row magazine capacity for 5 rounds.

    Rifle Intervention M-200 - collapsible for transportation and storage of stem removed, and sliding butt moves forward until it stops.

    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    CheyTac M-200 Carbine
    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    .50 BMG; .408 CheyTac; .338 Lapua
    (Left to right)

    On the basis of a sniper rifle CheyTac Intervention M-200 created by her slight modification CheyTac M-200 Carbine.

    When creating a new sniper rifle primary goal was to create weapons, superior weapons caliber 12.7 mm (.50 WMG) in features, including precision at long ranges. To do this, under the leadership of Dr. John Taylor (USA) was developed patron.408 Chey Tac specifically for weapons system CheyTac LRRS. Cartridge is designed for precision shooting over 2000 meters

    According to the firm

    CheyTac Associates, manufacturer patronov.408 and weapons for them, the system comprising CheyTac LRRS CheyTac Intervention M200 rifle with telescopic sight Nightforce NXS 5.5-22X, patronov.408Chey Tac, corporate ballistic computer (based PDA Casio Cassiopea M70) and the connected sensors wind, temperature and atmospheric pressure Kestrel 4000 provides effective fire on the growth target at a distance of 2000 meters, ensuring the accuracy of less than 1 MOA (1 MOA).

    Besides the main

    rifle model M-200 Chey Tac company begun manufacturing simpler and cheaper monovalent Intervention M310 rifle under the same patron.408 Chey Tac. M310 rifle not folding, has an adjustable plastic box. This rifle is designed for long-range shooting and police snipers weapons for long range.

    sniper rifle cheytac lrrs / long range rifle system
    Chey Tac Intervention M310


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