Sniper rifle CZ 537 Sniper

    cz 537 sniper rifle sniper

    CZ 537 Sniper

    In 1992, the famous Czech company armory «Ceska Zbrojovka» (CZ) has introduced a new shopping sniper rifle CZ 537 Sniper, designed primarily for military and police weapons.

    cz 537 sniper rifle sniper
    CZ 537 Sniper

    sniper rifle CZ 537 Sniper was created on the basis of sports hunting rifle CZ 527 and it is a modification of a more powerful patron.308 Winchester (7.62x51 mm).

    rifle used in the design of the bolt and store type Mauser. Locking the gate is provided with two lugs.

    trigger mechanism is provided with a non-automatic fuse lever which protrudes above the lodge on the right above the trigger guard. In the "protection" locked shutter.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 ( .308 Winchester)
    Length mm 1150
    Barrel length, mm 650
    Weight empty, kg 5.25
    store count. cartridges 4
    Sighting range, m

    Trigger pull is adjustable from 1.4 to 1.9 kgs.

    Heavy free floating barrel is made of steel with a burnished finish.

    Food arms ammunition is made from box magazine capacity for 4 rounds.

    Rifle has an integral wooden stock and pistol grip protrusion cervical shortened forearm.

    cz 537 sniper rifle sniper
    CZ 537 Sniper

    butt cheek and is equipped with an adjustable butt pad.

    Down bipod mounted on the front seat swivel and height adjustable.


    mechanical sighting devices not. At the same time on the receiver located seating for the optical sight. Staffing was proposed scope of variable multiplicity 1.5-6X.


    company Ceska Zbrojovka, 300 m in a series of 10 shots CZ 537 rifle gives the diameter of 80 mm dispersion.

    cz 537 sniper rifle sniper

    CZ 537 Sniper


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