Sniper rifle CZ 700 / CZ 700 M1


    In 1999, a Czech company Ceska Zbrojovka (CZ) has introduced a sniper rifle CZ 700 kalibra.308 Win NATO.

    appearance of this weapon was due to the entry of the Czech Republic into NATO, and as a consequence, the need to convert weapons on standardized NATO ammunition.

    sniper rifle CZ 700 is designed to arm army and police units.

    This weapon is a modification of a rifle for sport target shooting CZ 700 Sport.

    700 sniper rifle cz / cz 700 m1
    CZ 700

    rifle built on the classical scheme with a longitudinally sliding bolt, barrel locking lugs 6.

    trigger mechanism allows adjustment efforts trigger.

    From sports

    "ancestors" CZ 700 received high-floating barrel and bed complex design made of wood or impact-resistant polymer.

    distinctive feature of this rifle is the trigger guard, which is not in contact with the handle, and thus does not cover the trigger completely.

    CZ 700 is equipped with a mechanical fuse-off switch is located on the right side for the gate.

    iron sights rifle has not, at the same time provided for mounting optical sights.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 10 rounds.

    Butt arms adjustable in length (additional rubber plates). There is also a height adjustable "cheek".

    On the bed, under the barrel has a mount for the bipod.

    700 sniper rifle cz / cz 700 m1
    CZ 700S

    sniper rifle CZ 700 is available in two versions:
    CZ 700 - basic version, also referred to as CZ 700 STD (Standard).
    CZ 700S (Subsonic) - "Silent" option, a barrel length of 450 mm. with integrated silencer. Rifle is particularly effective ammunition subsonic bullets.

    CZ 700 CZ 700 M1
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win)
    Length, 1215 1142
    Barrel length, mm 650 650
    Weight empty, kg 6.2 5.4
    Capacity, count. cartridges 10
    Sighting range, m 750

    In 2001, Ceska Zbrojovka introduced a new modification of this rifle, designed specifically for the Western European and American market.

    rifle was designated the CZ 700 M1.

    CZ 700 M1 belongs to a class of high-precision rifles.

    main difference of this model from the CZ 700 is a modified bed. Made of laminated wood box has a hole for the thumb and changed the angle of inclination of the handle.

    trigger guard standard forms, increased in size for convenient shooting gloves.

    Furthermore, the rifle is equipped with a guide "Picatinny" allows installation of optical sights NATO sample (located above the barrel).

    More guide is located on the bed under the barrel and is designed for mounting a bipod. The length of the guide allows the user to select the location of the relative sizes of the bipod weapons, and thus a better "fit" for a particular rifle shooter.


    CZ 700 700, CZ similar M1.

    700 sniper rifle cz / cz 700 m1
    CZ 700 M1

    CZ 700 series rifles were adopted by the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic and a number of police forces in Europe and the United States.

    Like any weapon of this class, sniper rifles production Ceska Zbrojovka require careful care and competent treatment. For professional use, they demonstrate high accuracy at a distance up to 800 meters, which, combined with a relatively low price (about $ 2000 in the base combination) makes these rifles very popular weapon among professionals.

    Further development of this series of rifles got Model CZ 750 in connection with what has been terminated and issue CZ 700.


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