Sniper rifle DSR-1

    sniper rifle dsr-1

    sniper rifle DSR-1 (Defensive Sniper Rifle 1) was developed in Germany by AMP Technical Services, taking into account the experience gained in the development of rifles Erma SR-100.

    DSR-1 was designed as a sniper weapon for use in police and counter-terrorism operations.

    rifle made by the scheme bullpup (magazine and slide group located behind the trigger).

    DSR-1 has three interchangeable barrel: patron.308 under Win., .300 Win. Mag., .338 Lapua Mag. Barrel length under the first two rounds of 650 mm. Dlya.338 Lapua Mag -750 mm. Trunks are made with longitudinal dales to reduce weight and improve cooling and equipped with a muzzle brake.

    sniper rifle dsr-1
    When using the In

    receiver barrel secured by three screws in the area of the chamber, the rest of the barrel "hangs" quite freely, without contact with any other parts of the weapons - the so-called "hung trunk." On the breech has cutout that provides accurate, without play, trunk lock in the receiver.

    should be noted that the procedure for changing the barrel takes time. Certain complexity is "sniper hit" notch on the breech in the locking tab in the box.

    barrel shroud covers and protects the entire length of the barrel to the muzzle brake. He dual-chamber type and significantly reduces the impact. To reduce the thermal effects barrel shroud has ventilation cutouts.

    Shutter rifle DSR-1 - longitudinal sliding, swivel. Locking angle - 60 °. Locking bore rifle carried out by six lugs arranged in two rows of three stops. Total bearing surface is 137 mm?.

    lugs for locking the shutter includes corresponding cuts in the breech of the barrel. In order to reduce the maximum possible length of the gate arms shortened. Its length is 111 mm. Relatively short stroke shutter allows reloading without changing the anchor. Handle - short and straight, which, however, does not affect the convenience of reloading. Drummer, who is in a battle bot, turned to the left by 45 ° so that it goes in the box guide shutter sliding in the slot receiver.

    sniper rifle dsr-1
    DSR-1 Subsonic

    Receiver is made of aluminum alloy.

    top of the receiver, from zone to chamber and the barrel jacket, placed mounting rail, which serves for optical devices. Thanks to the great length of the mounting rail may use virtually any type of optics. Many users prefer to use optical sight paired with a night vision device NSV 80 that is attached to the lens optical sight. Thus, the DSR-1 rifle in seconds, without disrupting the shooting or loss of accuracy can be fully prepared for night shooting.

    At the receiver end, the bottom, there are guides for butt connection, which can be moved and fixed in a convenient position for the hand.

    sniper rifle dsr-1
    Main components

    Stock - quick. Its longitudinal movement possible within four centimeters. Butt equipped with height-adjustable shoulder rest with cushion pad. Vertical movement of the shoulder rest is permissible within 4.5 cm Butt has a slide down a two-stage support bar to stop the ground. Rod pulled out of the stock to a length of 17 cm has a rectangular cutout Butt forming in front of the handle with your left hand for stable retention of weapons with tight focus on the shoulder.

    Above the receiver is to cheek pad. Cheek plastic, however, the point of contact with the face plate mounted leather. The position of this pad can be adjusted in height in the range of 20 mm.

    main parts are the trigger trigger, sear, trigger bar and fuse. Trigger bar, transmitting movement of the trigger to sear in its motion is supported by bearings. This helps to ensure that the force on the trigger all the way his movement is different, as none of the known samples, absolute smoothness.

    trigger pull can be adjusted. Pistol grip - anatomical calculated only for right-handers. On comfortable shooting from the left shoulder to the base rifle will have to forget. Lever type fuse, located directly above the trigger has three fixed positions. In the forward position, the gun is ready to fire in the middle position flag trigger locked, but the shutter will remain free for loading and unloading the weapon. When the rear position of the safety pin and trigger, and locked the gate.

    sniper rifle dsr-1
    DSR 50 Sniper Rifle

    Food rifle ammunition is carried out as it should have bull-dad from the back shop.
    Shop - Single row. Depending on the caliber, the store has five patronov.308 ili.300 Win Win. Mag., Or four patrona.338 Lapua Magnum. Shops are attached to the forend latch arranged symmetrically on both sides of the shops.
    According to the requirements, the bottoms of large stores are made, allowing for them to maintain their arms and carry convenience store shift.
    In addition, the trigger guard is a spare magazine. Location spare magazine in front of the trigger guard protects the cartridges from external influence and is always at hand.

    At the front of the mounting rail mounted bipod. Such bipod mount on the barrel provides excellent stability, as it removes the stall weapons. When folded, the bipod stacked and secured above the barrel on both sides of the mounting rail. Bipod Length adjustable from 25.5 to 38.5 cm

    sniper rifle dsr-1
    In carrying case with accessories

    Under the hood of the barrel, on the length of the forearm to the end of the housing are two of the rod, which is fixed (adjustable in three fixed positions) front, the movable part 150 forearm length and width of 58 mm. Movable forend used when shooting conditions preclude the use of a bipod and it is preferable to focus on the rifle sandbag.

    Issue sniper rifle DSR-1 has been adjusted in the following modifications:
    - DSR-1 - the base model. Also referred to as "DSR-1 Police" or "DSR-1 Rifle".
    - DSR-1 Subsonic - modification, equipped with an integrated silencer. Barrel length of 310 mm, completely hidden silencer, although the device itself a silencer to the barrel does not touch, ie, accuracy is not affected. This model is produced under special cartridge 7,62 x51 mm / .308 Win. Subsonic, subsonic bullet 320 m / s.
    - DSR 50 Sniper Rifle - modification under sniper cartridge large kalibra.50 BMG. This differs heavy barrel rifle, equipped with a special muzzle brake compensator. Also at the rear of a rifle equipped with a special hydraulic jack designed to reduce the force of impact. Aluminum housing rifle, magazine capacity 3 rounds.

    DSR-1 provides extremely high accuracy - up to 0.2 MOA (minutes of arc), ie at a distance of 100 meters distance between the centers of 5 hits in the order of 5 millimeters (target formed one hole about the size of half the diameter of the bullet). Naturally, these results are achieved when firing special sniper cartridges and in good weather conditions (no wind).

    sniper rifle DSR-1 was adopted by the famous German anti-terror group GSG-9 (Grenzschutzgruppe 9), also the German KSK (Kommando Spezialkraefte), American SRT (Special Response Team). DSR-1 also adopted a police unit Estonia, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Spain.

    Furthermore, sniper rifle DSR-1 has been proposed and the civilian market weapons.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Win)
    .300 Win. Mag. .338 Lapua Mag. 12.7x99
    (.50 BMG)
    Length mm 990 990 1090 1350
    Barrel length, mm 650 650 750 800
    Weight unloaded
    And sight, kg
    5.90 5.90 5.90 10.30
    Count. cartridges
    5 5 4 3
    Sighting range
    Fire, m
    800 1100 1400 1400


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