Sniper Rifle DSR 50

    sniper rifle dsr 50
    DSR 50

    large-caliber sniper rifle DSR 50 is designed on the basis of a sniper rifle DSR-1 German company DSR-Precision GmbH.


    DSR big bore 50 is generally similar to its predecessor, DSR-1, but in its design provides hydraulic damper returns in the butt, as well as a special quick-nadulnoe device that combines the functions of a muzzle brake, flame arrester and partly reduces sound.

    Caliber, mm 12.7x99
    (.50 BMG)
    Length mm 1350
    Barrel length, mm 800
    Weight unloaded
    And sight, kg
    Count. cartridges
    Sighting range
    Fire, m

    DSR 50 sniper rifle is built on the scheme bullpup (magazine and slide group located behind the trigger).

    Barrel posted cantilever with longitudinal dales to reduce weight and improve cooling.

    Butterfly valve has six radial lugs in front of the locked and turn right for breech.

    Rifle has two-way fuse, located above the trigger guard.

    Descent adjustable, with a warning.

    Top row, spare magazine is located in the special slot in front of the trigger guard.

    Lodge fully adjustable, with adjustable pillow under his cheek, back support and adjustable along the longitudinal position of the forearm.

    Folding bipod attached to the special guides on aluminum forearm and provide the necessary movement of the rifle in all three axes, under the butt has an additional adjustable support.

    sniper rifle dsr 50

    DSR 50


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