Sniper rifle Enfield L42A1 / Enfield Enforcer

    sniper rifle enfield l42a1 / enfield enforcer
    Lee-Enfield No.4

    After the Second World War in England, has accumulated a large number of magazine rifles Lee-Enfield SMLE No.4 British kalibra.303.

    after adopting NATO 7.62x51 mm cartridge. As standard, the British State Armory company British Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF), Enfield, has developed a version of rework rifles SMLE No.4 under the new cartridge.

    sniper rifle enfield l42a1 / enfield enforcer
    Enfield L39A1

    Conversion rifles meant for target shooting and staffed the new heavy barrel 7.62mm. NATO and modified lodge with shortened forearm and handguard.

    Civilian version was released for sale under the designation Enfield "Envoy" match rifle, and the military - under the designation L39A1 target rifle.

    sniper rifle enfield l42a1 / enfield enforcer
    Enfield L42A1

    Due to the necessity Adopting a sniper rifle, based on the L39 was created Rifle L42A1, distinguished by the presence of an optical sight mounts on the left side of the receiver, as well as wooden "pillow" on the butt cheek.

    In 1970, engineers from Enfield based L42 sniper rifle designed for police, designated Enfield "Enforcer".

    sniper rifle enfield l42a1 / enfield enforcer
    Enfield "Enforcer"

    main differences from L42 steel modified hunting lodge type with semi-pistol grip, adjustable open sights sports type and more modern than the L42, commercial scopes.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Winchester)
    Length mm 1180
    Barrel length, mm 700
    Weight empty, kg 4.42
    Capacity, count. cartridges 10

    Base System "Lee-Enfield" here combined with a heavy barrel and shortened sports forearm. In fact, this is similar to the standard rifle of the British Army sniper rifle L42A1, the difference lies in the fact that the rifles issued to the British Army, have an optical sight with a fixed mounting plate and rifles supplied police, equipped with more modern adjustable fastening sight.

    weapons for the civilian market under the name «Envoy» as the target received almost the same rifle, but without the optical sight.

    Rifles Enfield L42 Enforcer and produced until 1985 and were replaced mostly by rifle L96 / Arctic Warfare British firm Accuracy International.

    sniper rifle enfield l42a1 / enfield enforcer

    Enfield "Enforcer"


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