Sniper rifle Erma SR-100 / ELF SR-100

    sniper rifle erma sr-100 / elf sr-100
    With an installed night sight

    sniper rifle Erma SR-100 was developed in the mid-1990s, the German company «Erma» and is a weapon of the highest class, designed for use by police and counter-terrorist forces.

    Erma SR-100 - repeating rifle with a longitudinally sliding gate. The bolt locks by turning on 3 lugs for breech that allows to perform receiver box made of aluminum alloy.

    sniper rifle erma sr-100 / elf sr-100

    trigger mechanism - adjustable in position and move the trigger actuation force.

    rifle has quick-trunks three different calibers to work at different distances (uslovno.308 - up to 700-800 meters, .300 winchester magnum - up to 1000 meters, .338 Lapua - up to 1200 meters). Changing mechanism trunks patented and is eccentric tab located under the barrel in front of the receiver. Manage lock provided with a special socket wrench rotated by 180 degrees. After unlocking of the barrel is removed from the receiver forwards and can be replaced by another.

    Because of different sizes used cartridges when installing the barrel of a different caliber, you must also replace the bolt and store.

    retainer box magazine made in the form of two buttons on the sides of the box rifle.

    Lodge rifle Erma SR-100 is made from laminated wood, adjustable in length, and location of shoulder rest and palm cheeks. In addition, the front part of the stock can be nadstavlena special extension for making forward bipod attachment point bipeds.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Win.)
    .300 Win Mag .338 Lapua Mag
    Weight without magazine, kg 6.4 6.9 6.9
    Length mm 1260 1360 1360
    Barrel length, mm 650 750 750
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    800 1000 1200
    Count. cartridges
    10 8 5

    butt is adjustable back support ("third leg").

    Rifle has no open sights and comes with optical sights on request. Typically, this upscale firms sights Leupold, Zeiss, Schmidt & Bender fixed or variable multiplicity (usually about 10X).

    According to published data, Erma SR-100 at the optimal shooting conditions and proper quality cartridges ensures the accuracy of the order of 0.3 arc minutes for all practical ranges of fire.

    rifle was adopted by a number of elite European forces such as German KSK and GSG-9.

    Rifle Erma SR-100 has also been proposed and weapons for the civilian market, but due to the extremely high cost - about 7 - 9 thousand dollars in the base (without sight) it proved difficult to purchase.

    In 1998 the company «Erma» was on the verge of bankruptcy, and it acquired the German company Suhler und Sportwaffen GMBH - a division of the famous Austrian company Steyr-Manlicher (known manufacturer rifles AUG).

    In 2000

    rifle Erma SR-100 was removed from production due to the high cost of its manufacture.

    Also produced and modification Erma SR-100 - a sniper rifle with a modified handle, support and extended forearm, designated Erma ELF SR-100 (probably from German «Elefant» - «Elephant»).

    sniper rifle erma sr-100 / elf sr-100
    ELF SR-100


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