Sniper rifle FN 30-11

    sniper rifle fn 30-11

    FN 30-11

    Rifle FN 30-11 is designed and produced by the Belgian company FN (Fabrique Nationale) in the 1976-1986 years, and was adopted by the army and police of Belgium.

    assumed that most of it will be used in police and gendarmerie. But rifle, due to its characteristics, and has found application in the army.

    30-11 FN sniper rifle firing provides high precision and accuracy.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win)
    Length mm 1117
    Barrel length, mm 502
    Weight empty, kg 4.85 (without optics and bipod)
    Capacity count. cartridges 5
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 850

    FN 30-11 is based on FN rifle model 30, which is a modified variant of the well-known licensed Mauser rifle model 1898.

    sniper rifle FN 30-11 is the sliding bolt Mauser.
    Trigger pull is 1.3-1.5 kg. FN 30-11 has a gate with 3 lugs (two front and one rear gate), controlled by the trigger pull the trigger.

    Non-automatic safety lever is in the rear of the bolt. Left position flag - "fire", the position - "fuse».

    Barrel - heavy on the muzzle flash suppressor which is mounted on the machine gun FN MAG, similar in design to the SVD.

    sniper rifle fn 30-11

    FN 30-11
    With a belt and reverse mount bipod

    Food weapons carried out a permanent store capacity for 5 rounds (later modification was designed with a removable magazine).

    wooden butt 30-11 FN sniper rifle can be adjusted using extensions, which are essentially interchangeable butt, and it can be controlled not only by the length of the installation of special inserts, but also in width and transverse displacement.

    sniper rifle fn 30-11
    FN 30-11
    With additional devices and carrying case

    By number of devices specially designed rifle is unmatched in the world. It can be installed various sights - optical (standard class 4h28), spectacles, night.

    To increase stability while shooting, sniper rifle 30-11 FN can be supplied with a belt from a machine gun bipod and MAG. Bipod recommended for use in those cases where the rifle mounted night sight.

    In addition, there is a special case for carrying and storing the rifle together with all the fittings.

    sniper rifle fn 30-11

    FN 30-11


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