Sniper rifle FN SPR

    sniper rifle fn spr

    FN Special Police Rifle
    Early bad option

    Belgian sniper rifle FN SPR (Special Police Rifle - Special Police Rifle) is designed to arm police units.

    American division famous Belgian company Fabrique Nationale Herstal, company FNH USA, began developing a new sniper rifle for the police in the early twentieth century.

    sniper rifle fn spr

    FN A1 SPR
    The basis

    rifle was put slide group rifles Winchester 70 Classic, produced another U.S. unit FN - by US Repeating Arms Co (USRAC). On the bolt group was established from a machine gun barrel M240 / FN MAG caliber 7.62x51 mm. Completed construction of the polymer bed firm HS Precision.

    Despite the initial warm welcome American rifle weapon press, it soon became clear that the new rifle, designated FN SPR (Special Police Rifle) have problems with the quality and accuracy of fire. Production rifles were suspended, and their revised design.

    sniper rifle fn spr

    FN A1a SPR
    With a short barrel

    In particular, a machine gun barrel was replaced by a special class of match barrel, manufactured by USRAC for target rifles Winchester, while the bore is chrome plated to increase survivability and easy cleaning weapons. Instead lodges firm HS Precision steel used polymeric lodges firm McMillan different types.

    rifle itself began to be manufactured in five basic versions, from A1 to A5, characterized by a structure and a set of boxes of additional accessories. With the increase in the model number increases and a set of additional elements - A1 model has a minimum configuration (only rifle) while the A3 model comes more perfect lodge, mounts for optics and bipod, the A4 model in addition has a telescopic sight, and the model A5 - the most perfect (and expensive) box, optics, carrying case, etc.

    sniper rifle fn spr

    FN A2 SPR
    Caliber, mm 7.62 NATO ( .308 Win)
    .300 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum)
    Weight empty, kg from 4.9 to 7.5 depending on
    Modification and integration
    Length mm 1120
    1015 (A1a and A5a)
    Barrel length, mm 610
    508 (A1a and A5a)
    Count. cartridges
    3 (.308 Win)
    4, 5 (.300 WSM)

    All rifles equipped with a barrel length of nominally 24 inches (610 mm.), but the options are A5a A1a and shortened to 20 inches (508 mm.) trunks.

    Rifles all modifications can be produced as a cartridge 7.62x51 (.308 Win), and under a more powerful patron.300 WSM, providing an effective range of about 1,000 meters, compared to 600-700 meters for 7.62x51 cartridge. In addition, all modifications rifles chambered for 7.62x51 can be equipped with either a detachable two-line magazine for 4 rounds or integral shop with folding bottom for 5 rounds. Rifles under kalibr.300WSM completed only integral shop with folding down on the cartridge 3.

    sniper rifle fn spr

    FN A3 SPR

    FN SPR rifles are based on the bolt group rifles Winchester 70 Classic, having a rotary bolt Mauzerovskogo type with two lugs and a non-rotating extractor also Mauzerovskogo type. Insert extractor captures still at the stage of its extraction from the store and holds up until the release of spent cartridges, thus ensuring reliability poyshennuyu chambering (drawback of this scheme is that cartridges can only be fed from the store, trying to hand in these cartridge straight into the barrel may cause damage Extractor).

    Barrels made of special steel by rotary forging. Barrel bore and chamber are chrome plated.

    three position safety is located on the gate in the middle position and blocks the hammer and sear, allowing the gate to open first position - fuse, the second - to lock the trigger, the third - off guard.

    sniper rifle fn spr

    FN A4 SPR

    rifles - polymer, in the embodiment A1 - unregulated type McMillan A3, in embodiments, A2, A3, A4 - adjustable type McMillan A4, and A5 embodiment - type adjustable McMillan Sub Minute solutions.

    iron sights on rifles FN SPR is not intended, instead, there is a standardized rail for mounting optics type Picatinny rail.

    Since variant A3 rifle nominally completed biped folding detachable bipod firm Harris, adjustable in height from 15.2 - 22.9 cm

    External steel parts are phosphated coating rifles, most of the internal parts made of stainless steel.

    If necessary

    rifle can be equipped with a quick-shot sound muffler, installed on the threads in the muzzle of the barrel.

    sniper rifle fn spr

    FN A5 Tactical SPR
    With an installed muffler

    claimed accuracy for all rifles FN SPR - less than 1 minute of arc (1 MOA).

    Sniper rifles were adopted by snipers Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), United States.

    Production FN SPR rifles in the United States was established at the factory USRAC.
    FN SPR rifles sale in the United States took the company FNH USA, and in Europe - the parent company - FN Herstal.

    sniper rifle fn spr

    FN A1 SPR, FN A1a SPR, FN A2 SPR, FN A3 G, FN A5 M SPR


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