Sniper rifle FR F1 / FR F2

    sniper rifle fr f1 / fr f2
    FR F1

    In 1964, an arms design bureau headed by famous French Jean Fournier shooter developed sniper rifle FR F1 (class weapons "Elite") under its own caliber rifle cartridge 7.5h54 mm.

    sniper rifle fr f1 / fr f2
    FR F1

    new rifle a qualitatively new model of military weapons with mechanical reloading, created on the basis, though dated, but very successful magazine rifle MAS-36 Arr. 1936 has an excellent live performance, including high accuracy of fire at ranges from 600 to 800 m

    The main differences

    FR F1 rifles from the prototype were: new and extended weighted barrel with a powerful muzzle brake made with tight tolerances, which gave the rifle more resistant ballistic performance, 10-round detachable magazine, adjustable in length, the use of the pistol grip and wooden podschechnoy deployed; presence of adjustable bipod.

    FR F1 has the sliding bolt from turning during locking. Accommodation lugs in the back of the move has reduced the speed when moving, which increased the rate of fire. The lack of specific fuse design the trigger offset descent warning.

    sniper rifle fr f1 / fr f2
    FR F1

    successful construction of quick 10-round magazine staggered rounds accelerated time for loading and unloading the rifle. When carrying kitted shop closed top rubber cover that protects it from getting into the dust and dirt. After joining the equipped shop rifle rubber cover was put on the bottom of the magazine cover, and served in a similar form of emphasis for the left hand sniper.

    rifle equipped with iron sights, consisting of flies in the mechanical sector and namushnike sight with three glowing green fluorescent dots on Grivko allowing to deliver fire in low light conditions. In addition, regular army sniper rifles manned FR F1 3.8-fold optical sights mod.1953 L ARCH 806. Since the beginning of the 1980s. rifle became equipped with a 3.5-fold bespodsvetnym night sight, which can detect targets and lead them aimed fire at a range of 400 to 600 m, depending on weather conditions and time of year. For police and anti-terrorist units were equipped with rifles FR F1 telescopic sights «Zeiss Diavari» variable magnification from 1.5 to 6. In the stowed position sights transferred together with an arm in a special pouch on his belt.

    Wooden Boxes rifle split consists of stock and forend. Manage weapon when firing significantly improved with wooden pistol grip fire control mounted on the bed behind the trigger guard.

    FR F1 FR F2
    Caliber, mm 7.5h54 7.62x51
    Length, 1138 1200
    Barrel length, mm 600 650
    Weight 5.63 5.77
    Count. cartridges
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    600 800
    Butt has

    Extensions neck and cheek. Extenders enhance the butt length of 20 mm or 40 mm, the height "cheeks" - 8 or 17 mm. To increase the length of one butt nastavok mounted on the butt end portion with a screw. Then set podschechnaya nastavka which increases the height of the stock on the 8 or 17 mm. Boxes behind the pistol grip has a small ledge.

    the rear of the forearm in the center of gravity of the rifle for tsevyu mounted folding adjustable bipod when carrying rifles they fold forward and cleaned the grooves on both sides of the hand guard. Bipod always used, except when the fire is behind cover, for example, because of the low wall. The length of the spring-loaded legs bipod adjusted using clamps installed on them. Bipod folded legs when fully retracted.


    sniper option FR-F1 «Tiror DElit" was also developed sports model "Tyre sport" (with a pulling force on the trigger from the 1, 5 to 1 kg, 9 kg) and hunting "Grand Sharps" for hunting large animals (a telescopic sight model 804 and the traction force on the trigger 2 to 2, 5 kg) options.

    FR F1seriyno sniper rifle made from 1966 to 1980.

    After joining France in the block NATO, due to the need for uniformity of weapons to NATO cartridges in 1984 was presented version of FR F1 under NATO 7.62x51 mm cartridge. Also on the new version made adjustable buttstock and a heavy barrel. This sample was named FR F2.

    sniper rifle fr f1 / fr f2
    FR F2

    In 1985, a new model with a sniper rifle FR F2, designed for the use of only 7,62 mm NATO, was adopted by the army and law enforcement agencies along with France FR F1.


    FR F2, is the same rifle FR F1, its main characteristics, the operation and the same size as that of the rifle F1, but there are some differences.

    sniper rifle fr f1 / fr f2
    FR F2
    When using the

    FR F2 key innovation was the trunk, mounted inside the heat thickened plastic cover. This reduced the haze of heat on the trunk line of sight during an intense fire, and reduced ability to detect enemy snipers equipped with infrared night vision.


    muzzle rifle mounted slotted flash suppressor, significantly reduce at night glow intensity heated to a high temperature powder gases and particles of gunpowder Dying exit from the bore, ie illumination sight of their own shots.


    wooden foregrip FR F2 received steel forend, matte black plastic coated.

    peculiarity upgraded rifle is no mechanical sighting devices at the same time along with a telescopic sight on the rifle 6x42 FR F2 can be mounted sight SOPELEM OB 50 or opto-electronic night vision sights.

    Stronger bipod mounted directly in front of the receiver. Rod moved up bipod mounting for greater stability when shooting rifles.

    FR F2

    Rifles were armed not only the army, police and national gendarmerie of France, but also in many Asian and African countries.

    sniper rifle fr f1 / fr f2

    FR F2
    Used French sniper


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