Sniper rifle Galil / GALATZ

    sniper rifle galil / galatz
    Bipod with the store 12 rounds of

    From the mid-eighties of the twentieth century Israeli company «Israeli Military Industries» started production of semi-automatic sniper rifle «Galil», developed on the basis of automatic Galil.

    sniper rifle galil / galatz
    With 25 rounds magazine for
    Bipod folded In

    IDF - IDF sniper rifle «Galil» known as «GALAT'Z» - the name is an abbreviation of the official name of this rifle in Hebrew - "Galil T'zalaphim".

    Rifle unlike machine made under a more powerful cartridge 7,62 x51 mm NATO.

    Purpose rifle was determined before its creation - to replace standing while armed with a sniper system M14. But first, tests showed that the Galil is not technologically new weapons. Moreover, ready to replace the M14 was higher quality, ahead GALAT'Z and accuracy. Israeli novelty hardly showed accuracy 1.5 MOA, while as the standard for M14 SWS was 1 MOA. Furthermore, GALAT'Z was much more expensive U.S. rival - M14 sold to Israel at bargain prices through the U.S. Agency for military assistance (FMS).

    From the 1990s, was launched a modernized version GALIL, for special forces.

    sniper rifle galil / galatz
    Option for special operations
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win)
    Weight unloaded, sight, bipod, kg 6.0
    Length (stock extended), mm 1114
    Length (stock closed) mm 840
    Barrel length, mm 508
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 800
    Sighting range, m 1000
    Capacity count. cartridges 12, 25

    This rifle features primarily metal butt, frame construction. Butt equipped with adjustable butt pad and cheek made of rubber. Under the gun bipod attached modernized, also available with different options (arms, lights, etc.).

    Design and operation of the basic units of a sniper rifle Galil almost fully compliant machine Galil, but with the changes necessary for a sniper weapon.

    sniper rifle galil / galatz
    The stock closed So

    trigger mechanism allows the rifle reference only a single lamp. GALIL rifle equipped with heavy barrel length of 508 mm, at the end of the barrel is mounted compensator-arrestor.

    Translator fuse - two positions made by type of Soviet AK-47, dubbed the left side of a small lever.

    Forearm - wood, increased compared with automaton, made up of two halves.


    tsevyu folding bipod attached.

    Butt also wooden, folded turning on the right side of the weapon. To fit the weapon under the needle, the stock has an adjustable cheek.

    sniper rifle galil / galatz
    In carrying case

    staffing for both versions is a six-fold rifle sniper scope "Nimrod 6x40" Japanese production. Fastening sight holds type LED, the left side of the receiver. Small offset from the axis of sight to the left allows you to use conventional weapons sight and freely disassemble weapons. To provide support for other sights on a modified version, on a standard mounting rail mounted "Picatinny».

    Both versions can be equipped with a silencer GALIL.

    Food arms ammunition is made from a box magazine, 12 and 25 cartridges.

    GALAT'Z comes in padded case with two shops on 25 rounds, a special anti-reflective coating for optics and cleaning kit.

    later became a sniper rifle made by GALIL Israel Weapon Industries.

    GALIL / GALAT'Z was adopted by some army and police units and special forces in Israel some foreign countries.

    In addition, the main buyers of rifles made by third world countries.


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