Sniper rifle Gepard M1 / M2 / M3 / M4 / M5 / M6

    Sniper rifles

    Hungary, shooting of which apply standard ammunition of the former Warsaw Pact, presented family caliber sniper rifles (SWR) «Gepard» Hungarian production company «Technology».

    In 1980-1990-ies Hungarian company "Technology" has released a series of heavy rifles under the title «Gepard».

    sniper rifle gepard m1 / m2 / m3 / M4 / M5 / M6
    «Gepard» M1

    became the first in a series rifle «Gepard» M1 - single-shot weapon that is classified as a sniper rifle with the sliding bolt under Soviet patron 12.7 × 108 mm DShK.

    Weapon firing armor-piercing tracer bullets that could penetrate 15 mm armor at a distance of 600 meters.

    pistol grip handle is also the gate. To recharge the rifle need to turn it counterclockwise, and then pull back to ekstraktirovat spent case. Then insert a new cartridge, the shutter closes, cocking (it took a certain action), inducing weapon, shot and produced.

    sniper rifle gepard m1 / m2 / m3 / M4 / M5 / M6
    «Gepard» M2

    sniper rifle in this series - «Gepard» M1A1 is a modification «Gepard» M1, and practically does not differ from the M1, other than having a box, which is used either for carrying weapons, or for various tests.

    Model sniper rifle «Gepard» M2 release in 1994, is the following modification model M1 rifle.

    «Gepard» M2 is similar to a «Gepard» M1, but is already automatic rifle with automation based on recoil barrel with a short stroke.

    sniper rifle gepard m1 / m2 / m3 / M4 / M5 / M6
    «Gepard» MZ

    trunk moves within a cylindrical housing and a rotating bolt locked. Linked bolt and barrel recoil tested with about 6 inches, then unlocked the gate and gets the delay, and the trunk is returned forward. During this movement, cartridge cases released and removed by a special mechanism beyond weapons. Trunk, stopping, press the shutter latch stop, which under the action of its return spring goes on and shall be sent to the chamber next cartridge.

    Shop «Gepard» M2 placed not too successfully, to the left of the pistol grip, making it impossible to shoot with his left hand.

    sniper rifle gepard m1 / m2 / m3 / M4 / M5 / M6
    «Gepard» M4SA1

    Modification «Gepard» M2A1 with a shortened barrel (830 mm) is designed for use by airborne and airmobile troops and special forces, in need of a more compact weapon.

    Manufacturers of large caliber rifles

    «Gepard» stated that M1 / M2 and M1A1 / M2A1 can easily alter chambered h99 12.7 mm (.50 Browning), but as far as we know, such works were not carried out.

    sniper rifle «Gepard» MOH issue in 1995 is a more or less exact reproduction of rough goods rifles «Gepard» M2, but with the addition of a hydropneumatic recoil brakes and more efficient muzzle brake to absorb part of the recoil energy.

    sniper rifle gepard m1 / m2 / m3 / M4 / M5 / M6
    «Gepard» M5

    The model «Gepard» M3 used Soviet patron h114 14.5 mm. Armor-piercing bullet powerful 14.5-mm cartridge with an initial speed of 1000 m / s can penetrate 25 mm homogenous steel armor at a distance of 600 m and provides an effective range of up to 910 m

    Another model

    rifle - «Gepard» M4 SA1 is 12.7mm. From it can be kept shooting, as the NATO standard ammunition - h99 12.7 (.50 "Browning") and Russian ammunition - 12.7 × 108 mm.

    supply of ammunition is of pyatipatronnogo box magazine or desyatipatronnogo spiral.

    sniper rifle gepard m1 / m2 / m3 / M4 / M5 / M6
    «Gepard» M6

    Later in promising new model rifles - «Gepard» M5 barrel length has been increased compared with a sniper rifle model «Gepard» M4SA1 and accordingly, the effective range.

    Next model - «Gepard» M6, created in the early 2000s, was constructed under the scheme bul-dads.

    The model «Gepard» M6 can be conducted shooting, as the NATO standard ammunition and Russian ammunition - h99 12.7 (.50 "Browning") and 12.7 × 108 mm, similar models «Gepard» M4 «Gepard» M5 .

    All models

    rifles «Gepard» equipped with a standard optical sight. The bipod housing attached to the barrel.

    of adopting the model of large-caliber sniper rifles model «Gepard» established themselves as practical and reliable weapon systems that provide high accuracy.

    < td> 792, 825
    Caliber, mm 12,7 x108 14.5h114 12.7h108; 12.7h99 ( .50 BMG)
    Length мм15701570153612661880145013701125
    Barrel мм
    Вес without
    Cartridges кг
    Count. cartridges
    - - 5, 10 5, 10 5, 10 5, 10 5, 10 5, 10
    Bullets, m / s
    842 842 838 785 1000 780, 870 780, 870
    Shooting м


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