Sniper rifle Heckler & Koch HK 33 SG1

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1

    HK 33 SG1

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1

    HK 33 SG1

    In the early 1970s, the well-known German company «Heckler & Koch» was developed sniper rifle HK 33 SG1 5.56 x45 mm (.223 Remington), which became one of the first European models under the intermediate cartridge.

    Caliber, mm 5.56h45
    (.223 Remington)
    Length mm 920
    Barrel length, mm 390
    Weight unloaded
    And the optical sight, kg
    Shop count. cartridges 25
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 920

    In fact, sniper rifle HK 33 SG1 is a modification of the German assault rifle, HK 33, representing the least common embodiment of the base model. From basic design rifle HK 33 SG1 is distinguished by a bipod, telescopic sight and a modified trigger mechanism.


    HK 33 SG1 is a automatic rifle delayed blowback. Locking the gate by a pair of rollers, diverging side when closing the shutter.

    «problem» dokryvaniya manual shutter (if necessary) in the rifle was solved in the most simple and cheap way - on the surface of the shutter caused transverse grooves, which are resting on the finger gate is expected to increase in the forward position.

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1
    hinged bolt handle HK 33 SG1 indicated by an arrow

    to ensure proper extraction in the walls of the chamber are made longitudinal grooves to ensure alignment of gas pressure inside and outside the sleeve to prevent it from inflating in early extraction characteristic schemes delayed blowback.

    hinged shutter cocking lever located on the left side of the weapon barrel.


    stamped receiver module attaches the trigger assembly with pistol grip and trigger guard.

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1
    view controls HK 33 SG1 The safety catch

    translator fire mode is located on the left side of the box on the trigger handle. Translator fuse has three positions: «S» - fuse included, "E" - single fire and «F» - oddly enough, also single fire. The fact that the trigger mechanism is made sniper rifle based on the rifle trigger base, where «F» - automatic fire. But SG1 trigger has been modified so that the firing bursts became impossible and installation checkbox «F» provides only firing single shots.

    USM sniper rifle HK 33 SG1 equipped shnellernym mechanism. Resetting the power button located on the front of the handle retention behind the trigger. Schneller is only enabled when setting translator fire mode to "E". To ensure the safety of arms set trigger off when the fuse (position translator «S»). Resetting the possibility of using a favorable effect on the results of the shooting. Included Schneller significantly reduces stroke and trigger pull, minimizing the probability of error in the processing arrow descent.

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1
    Native magazine catch button (s) located on the right
    Hand rifle above the shop, and an additional button (in)
    Located in front of the trigger guard

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazines for 25 rounds.

    The special features

    sniper rifle HK 33 SG1 include the presence of additional buttons magazine catch located behind it. Native base NK33 button located on the right side of the rifle above the shop. Additional key SG1 can quickly connect and disconnect the shop with his left hand, without changing the ready and without removing his right hand from the handle hold weapons.

    sniper rifle HK 33 SG1 equipped with open iron sights and meet NATO standards mount allows you to install any optical and electro-optical sights. Bracket, which, scopes mounted on a rifle, made of steel and provides for rapid removal of multiple optics with the subsequent installation without re-alignment.

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1
    Staff mechanical sight HK 33 SG1

    Mechanical rifle sight is a combination of foresight, closed guard ring and combined pillar. Bringing weapons to normal battle by moving the rear sight base and horizontal selection of flies of different heights. Installation pillar "1" for shooting at a distance of 100 m corresponds to the open slot of triangular cross section, and from 200 to 400 m (Position "2", "3" and "4") aiming spectacles through holes in the rotary drum. Position drum marked red.

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1
    mounting an optical sight HK 33 SG1

    Depending on the situation and the problem being solved regular riflescope allows you to change an increase in the range of 1.5 to 6 fold. Adjustment is carried out stepwise with increments of 0.5-fold, with a clear fixation set position. Eyepiece provides diopter correction. Enter corrections in the vertical and horizontal planes produced by the rotation of the two screws "rattles».

    Since the height line of sight with the optics significantly exceeds that of the mechanics, for the convenience of sight with an optical sight on a rifle butt an additional emphasis to cheeks arrow. Fixed butt is made of plastic.

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1
    HK 33 SG1
    (Rear side)

    For stable firing rifle equipped with folding bipod biped. "Legs" bipod fixed in two positions with spring-loaded latches and equipped with plastic tips complex shapes that are designed to ensure the sustainability of both weapons when firing on hard surfaces, and with the soft soil.


    -automatic sniper rifle HK33 SG1 provides a solid weapon, designed and manufactured with characteristic thoroughness the Germans, which used a moderate amount of polymer and stamped parts.

    After the merger in the 1990s, the company «Heckler & Koch» Royal armory corporation with production of this rifle has been concentrated in the UK belonging to the corporation of Nottingham factory.

    sniper rifle Heckler & Koch HK 33 SG1 at the time was adopted by the armies of several countries.

    sniper rifle heckler & koch hk 33 sg1

    HK 33 SG1
    When using the


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