Sniper Rifle HK G3 SG1

    sniper rifle hk g3 sg1
    G3 SG1
    Bipod removed
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Win)
    Length mm 1025
    Barrel length, mm 450
    Weight empty, kg 5.40
    Capacity, count. cartridges 20
    Sighting range, m 700

    G3 SG1 sniper rifle developed by «Heckler & Koch» in 1973 specifically for the German Army and is a modification of the G3A3 assault rifle.

    G3 SG1 made by completion of regular G3A3 samples showed high accuracy on the production test.

    main feature rifle G3 SG1, which provides an accurate shot, is a scheme with delayed blowback, which slows waste rollers. This scheme does not require a gas regulator and moving back and forth the piston.

    sniper rifle hk g3 sg1

    G3 SG1 in carrying case

    main differences between a sniper rifle from the machine are: folding bipod, mounted on the fore-end, butt, equipped with adjustable cheek and trigger. Equipped with trigger adjustable traction.

    From G3 SG1 may conduct both single and automatic fire.

    Mechanical sights are similar to those on the rifle G3A3. Sniper scope for various ratios are set using a special bracket.

    G3 SG1 sniper rifle made by Heckler & Koch in the 80 years of the twentieth century, and was in service in the Armed Forces of Germany and Italy. Furthermore, special units used in different countries, including the United States.

    sniper rifle hk g3 sg1
    G3 SG1


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