Sniper rifle HK MSG-90 / MSG-90A1

    sniper rifle hk msg-90 / msg- 90A1
    With the magazine for 20 rounds

    Military Precision Rifle MSG-90 (Militarisch Scharfschutzen Gewehr) developed by the German company Hekler & Koch specifically as an army sniper weapons on the basis of police rifles HK PSG-1 (Precision Scharfschutzen Gewehr) and became commercially produced since 1990.

    One of the main problems in the development of MSG-90 had the opportunity to effectively defeat the purposes of living in daylight using optical sight at distances up to 1000 meters, inclusive. This was achieved through the use of various design features that allow you to fire with an accuracy of 1.5 MOA using different types of ammunition increased accuracy (match-grade).

    sniper rifle hk msg-90 / msg-90A1

    sniper rifle MSG-90 has retained many features of the PSG-1, such as strengthening the receiver extra frame, rammer and heavy holodnokovany freely posted polygonal barrel with unique groove. Standard version of the rifle is also equipped with a device Anschuetz T-way for mounting accessories tsevyu - bipods, tripods, small belt, etc.

    One of the most useful features of the MSG-90 - a unique mounting system run. Easy one-piece sight mounting platform is mounted on two supports, welded to the top receiver rifle. Locking by simply turning the lever that allows you to record and attach a sight in seconds.

    This mounting system also greatly increases the sight range of the possible use of rifles, allowing the installation of a variety of sighting devices (laser, night optics, etc.), pre-sighted with this rifle. Arrow just have to choose the device corresponding to the nature of the job, and zeroing in the installation process remains the same. In particular, it is possible to separate the optics during transport rifles and install them until just before the shooting.

    Unlike PSG-1, on the MSG-90 set symmetric bilateral arms fuse department store and facilitating the use of rifles for left-handed shooter. In this embodiment, when firing the rifle on the left can be alerted to the shooting without changing the position of the arrow.

    impossible not to note the unique trigger PSG-1, providing reliable operation with a force of 1.5 kg with a warning. This same mechanism is used in the MSG-90 rifle. Although it does not provide for adjustments and it allows to achieve excellent shooting results at the same time providing a high reliability - the firing does not occur even when the rifle with a height of 2 meters in the firing position. This degree of security rifle critical to the proper functioning of a strong shock at impact, opportunities in the field.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Win)
    Length mm 1165
    Barrel length, mm 600
    Weight 6.41
    Capacity count. cartridges 5, 20
    rds / min 30
    Sighting range, m 1000 (MSG-90)
    1200 (MSG-90A1)

    Moreover, unlike PSG-1 MSG-90 rifle was facilitated by nearly 2 pounds, got shortened to 5 cm trunk (also with polygonal rifling), as amended, and several lightweight plastic box with adjustable butt.

    At the bottom of the forend rail appeared to attach the detachable folding bipod (stowed fold forward), under mounting optics are made in accordance with NATO standards, and nominally rifle equipped with an optical sight 10X, providing an effective range of up to 1000 meters. < / p>

    Automatic rifle works by delayed blowback. Shutter mechanism protruding from its front portion (shutter larvae) consists of two parts with the rollers, more massive outer portion lies on the larva in position ready for firing. Ramps between the rollers push them into the recesses in the receiver, providing a locking bore. Rollers except locking the barrel act as moderators shutter.

    Shock - trigger automatic, it is mounted in a separate module, which the shooter can quickly replace the module with a fully automatic shock - the trigger. Housing the trigger at MSG-90 is made of plastic, integral with the pistol grip. Adjustable trigger, the trigger pull is about 1.5 kg.

    Rifle has sling for attaching a gun belt.

    In the early to mid-1990s, the firm Heckler & Koch rifle modified MSG-90 to participate in the DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle - Sniper Rifle for troop) for the Ministry of Defense of the United States.

    The result was released upgraded sniper rifle MSG-90A1, which differed from the MSG-90 a number of features.

    sniper rifle hk msg-90 / msg- 90A1

    First, MSG-90A1 got fixed sights - fly in the ring and an adjustable rear sight namushnike from NC 21 machine gun, calculated at a range of 100 to 1200 meters.

    sniper rifle hk msg-90 / msg-90A1
    When using the

    Secondly, the muzzle of the barrel was equipped with a new flash hider, providing the ability to install the muffler sound of a shot.

    also behind the window to eject shell casings appeared reflector shells, providing the possibility of fire from the left shoulder.

    Lever fuse also became bilateral.

    Furthermore, MSG90A1 has a modified design of the butt with adjustable rubber butt pad and cheek equipped divisions to quickly restore the desired configuration.

    Except these differences, for the MSG-90A1 uses the same accessories, stores and spare parts, as for MSG90.


    MSG-90A1 does not differ from the prototype.

    Replacement MSG-90 on MSG-90A1 began in 1998.

    Even small weight and all other design changes MSG-90, in particular version MSG-90A1, rifle retains high accuracy and ergonomics of its prototype PSG-1, with the price cut by more than half made it available to a much wider range of consumers than specialized military units.

    sniper rifle hk msg-90 / msg- 90A1


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