Sniper rifle HK SL8 / HK SL9SD

    sniper rifle hk sl8 / hk sl9sd
    HK SL8
    With standard rib

    HK SL8 rifle was introduced by Heckler & Koch in 1998, and at the end of the same year it was launched serial production.

    The basis

    rifle HK SL8 formed design and technology of the army assault rifle HK G36, adopted by the army in Germany.

    semi-automatic rifle Heckler & Koch SL8 is designed for target shooting, but is also used for training snipers in military clubs Bundeswehr, as well as for the training of reservists.

    < td> 4.60
    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 NATO
    .223 Remington
    .300 Whisper
    Length mm 980 1150
    Barrel length, mm 510 580
    Weight 4.10
    Count. cartridges
    10, 30

    Furthermore, vintovkaHK SL8 widely used for hunting medium-sized game, home protection and sport-shooting application.

    autoloading rifles HK SL8 uses the vapor-automatic located above the barrel, gas piston, short stroke and automatic adjustment of the flue gas.

    Locking barrel by turning the bolt having 7 lugs. Bolt handle foldable, located above the receiver and can be rotated to either side.

    Barrel - chrome, made by cold forging.

    Receiver and bed made of impact-resistant plastic, and have a modular design with interchangeable receiver stores. For sale in countries where restrictions on magazine capacity of civilian weapons, rifles HK SL8 receiver equipped with a special shops for 10 rounds. For sale in countries where no such restrictions, the rifle can be equipped with receivers under 30 chargers plastic shopping from HK G36 assault rifle, or a store from M16 / Ar-15.

    sniper rifle hk sl8 / hk sl9sd
    HK SL8
    With a raised rib In the basic version

    rifle HK SL-8 is equipped located above the barrel rib, which are set adjustable rear sight and front sight open sight. Rib original design that allows installation of the maximum number of types of optical devices. On the rear sight is possible to install all the NATO standard optical and night sights.

    Furthermore, optional trims type Picatinny rail, as well as removable carrying handle with built-in optical and / or red-dot sight on an assault rifle HK G36.

    The safety catch


    Lodge ungainly rifle, equipped with an emphasis on the butt cheeks for. You can adjust the bed length and removable cheek pads for.

    butt length is adjusted by him relevant goals, the last of which is secured with a rubber recoil pad sling. Cheekpiece is equally convenient for shooting, with both right and left shoulder.

    Also available

    modification HK SL8 with minor changes depending on the requirements for a country to which it is exported weapons: HK SL8-1 (USA), HK SL8-4 and HK SL8-5 (Canada / Europe), HK SL8- 6 (USA), HK R8 (UK, Australia).

    sniper rifle hk sl8 / hk sl9sd
    HK SL9SD

    Given the military's interest in HK SL8 firm Heckler & Koch has released its military modification with integrated silencer - Heckler & Koch SL9SD.

    for firing rifle HK SL9SD used patrony.300 caliber that have subsonic bullets.

    Also under the gun

    HK SL9SD appeared guides to install a bipod.


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