Sniper rifle HK SR9

    sniper rifle hk sr9
    HK SR9
    Basic model

    Semiautomatic Rifle Hekler und Koch SR9 developed based on an assault rifle Hekler & Koch 91 (upgraded model HK 41) in the early 1990s.

    Caliber, mm 7,62 x51
    Length mm 1105
    Barrel length, mm 500
    Height, mm 209
    Width 57
    Weight empty, kg 4.95
    Capacity count. cartridges 5, 20
    In developing

    HK SR9 parts were borrowed from HK MSG90 sniper rifles and HK PSG1.

    Automatic rifle works on classical for Hekler & Koch scheme locking the barrel bolt with two rollers.

    trigger mechanism allows keeping only a single lamp.

    handle weapons reloading the gun is over.

    combined with pistol grip stock and forearm along with made of fiberglass reinforced with Kevlar.

    Barrel rifle borrowed from HK PSG1.

    HK SR9

    rifle fitted with a fixed adjustable diopter sight. In this capacity for optical or night sight on the receiver box.

    sniper rifle hk sr9
    HK SR9T
    With the magazine for 20 rounds
    In the basic model

    HK SR9 was launched production modifications and HK SR9T HK SR9TC.

    HK SR9T - equipped with a rifle butt and HK MSG90 trigger mechanism from the rifle HK PSG1;

    HK SR9TC - fitted butt and trigger mechanism of the rifle HK PSG1.

    sniper rifle hk sr9
    HK SR9TC
    With the store for 5 rounds


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