Sniper rifle Istiglal Ist-14, 5

    sniper rifle istiglal ist-14, 5

    Istiglal Ist-14, 5

    In 2008, experts from the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan has developed large-caliber semi-automatic (antimaterial) sniper rifle chambered 14.5x114 mm. The new rifle was designated «Ist-14, 5" with its own name «Istiglal» («independence»).

    < td> Range of fire
    Caliber, mm 14.5x114
    Length mm 2256
    Barrel length, mm 1300
    Weight empty, kg 33.8
    store count. cartridges 5
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 1132

    Rifle Istiglal Ist-14, 5 uses automation to moving barrel to its short setback.

    Locking barrel by turning the bolt with three locking lugs.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 5 rounds.


    powerful impact achieved by using a special muzzle brake and a spring buffer.


    rifle equipped with iron sights, consisting of a folding front sight and sectoral divisions aiming sight with up to 2000 m, and is equipped with an optical sight and 8X magnification.

    rifle is intended only to stop firing, which is equipped with a folding bipod mounted in front of the forearm, as well as additional support under the rear butt.

    Because very large mass, transportation and carrying rifles Ist-14, 5 are two rooms unassembled calculation. In the stowed position rifle packed in two torturers cover, one of which is placed the barrel and the other receiver with stock and accessory. For short carry for short distances during a battle rifle is provided folding handle located on the forearm.

    sniper rifle istiglal ist-14, 5
    Istiglal Ist-14, 5
    When using the

    main purpose of large-caliber sniper rifle Istiglal Ist-14, 5 is the fight against lightly armored vehicles, materiel, as well as with personnel in shelters. Using this as a long-range weapon sniper weapon to fight the enemy personnel seems difficult to realize due to the fact that mass 14.5x114 mm cartridges are not designed for accurate shooting, and the rifle was adopted in the scheme of automation with moving barrel also contributes to high accuracy. However, powerful cartridge with armor-piercing bullet allows small and mid-range effectively engage enemy personnel in shelters, do not knock the usual individual small arms smaller calibers (brick and concrete walls, parapets, etc.).

    large-caliber sniper rifle Istiglal Ist-14, 5 was adopted by the Azerbaijani army. Also of interest to those weapons showed the armed forces of Turkey, Pakistan and Jordan.

    In 2009, the Ministry of Defense Industry of Azerbaijan has begun to develop a large-caliber sniper rifle «Ist-12, 7" chambered 12.7h108 mm, based on the design Istiglal Ist-14, 5.

    sniper rifle istiglal ist-14 5

    Istiglal Ist-14, 5


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