Sniper Rifle Kel-tec RFB

    sniper rifle kel-tec rfb
    Kel-tec RFB Target

    At the turn of XX - XXI century. in. existing patterns of sniper rifles in the build Bullpup (Walther WA-2000 VCA, TEI M89-SR, Barrett XM500), unlike several machines of the same scheme, in principle, did not include shooting from the left shoulder. The solution to this problem was the creation of semi-automatic rifles Kel-tec RFB.

    Rifle Kel-tec RFB developed by the chief designer of the American company Kel-tec CNC Indusries, a Swede by birth, by George Kellgrenom (George Kellgren).

    sniper rifle kel-tec rfb
    Kel-tec SUB-16 After moving

    Kellgrena in the U.S. in the early nineties, he worked for the company Kel-tec, developed a compact carbine SUB-16 in configuration "Bullpup" chambered 5.56h45. The highlight of this rifle, positioned as "self-defense weapon," was release of spent cartridges forward through the hole in the front of the forearm above the barrel. However, in 1994 due to the entry into force in the United States "Act assault weapons" sharply reduced market for SUB-16, and its development has been frozen.

    sniper rifle kel-tec rfb
    Kel-tec RFB Carbine

    In 2003 Kel-tec has begun to develop semi-automatic sniper rifle under special cartridge 5.56 mm, was a combination of a long barrel and bullpup layout.

    In 2005 Kel-tec company started working on a similar rifle, but chambered for 7.62x51 NATO, under the designation SRT-8. In November 2006, the project name was changed to the SRT-8 on the RFB (Rifle, Forward ejection, Bullpup - rifle with forward ejection, Bullpup).


    Rifle Kel-tec RFB developed in three configurations, with a barrel length of 18, 24 and 32 inches, called «Sniper», «Hunter» and «Battle» (Sniper, Hunter, Combat) but later the name was changed to less "aggressive", such as the «Target», «Sporter» and «Carbine» (Target, Sport, carbine).

    sniper rifle kel-tec rfb
    Kel-tec RFB
    Scheme osnovynh mechanisms

    In 2007 rifle was first presented at the international arms exhibition ShotShow in the U.S., and in 2008 started production of new weapons.

    RFB Carbine RFB Sporter RFB Target
    Caliber, mm 7,62 x51 / .308 Winchester
    Length mm 661 813 1016
    Barrel length, mm 457 610 813
    Weight empty, kg 3.67 3.95 5.1
    Muzzle velocity
    Bullets, m / s
    Count. cartridges
    10, 20
    Range, m

    rifle Kel-tec RFB - is small in size and weight, combined with a significant length of the barrel, providing improved ballistics and hence longer range shooting. Downsizing weapons achieved by bullpup layout, and compact enough automation. The main problem bullpup weapon, causes the release of spent cartridges sideways arrow next to the face, at Kel-tec RFB completely solved by organizing ejection forward through special channel that passes above the barrel inside the forearm. Similar solutions are used in the Belgian FN F2000 machine 5.56 mm machine and Russian A-91M.

    Rifle Kel-tec RFB uses the vapor-automatic short-stroke gas piston and manual gas regulator. A piston disposed in a gas section of the barrel acts on the long bolt carrier having a U-shaped cross section and surrounding the top and sides of the barrel and above it a U-shaped trough gilzootvoda. At the rear of the bolt under the suspended swinging gate. Locking barrel provided by tilting back the shutter down the shutter engages the sidewall liner barrel. On both sides of the gate made two hooks ejector (extractor), swinging in a vertical plane. When moving the bolt forward special bevels in the receiver raise ejectors retaining sleeve, above the level of the trunk, and the guide sleeve in gilzootvodyaschy chute. At the end of rolling shutter extractors down and grab the rim of the holder shall be sent to the gate in the trunk. Special spring does not allow liners in the gutter gilzootvoda fall back into the receiver. Found outside the liner, followed by ejected casings or under its own weight if the weapon barrel tilted down. Access to gilzootvodu opens only after partial disassembly of weapons and retrieve the bolt group.

    sniper rifle kel-tec rfb
    Kel-tec RFB
    Partial disassembly

    For partial disassembly of weapons enough to have a live round or other object with a sharp pommel suitable for pushing cross pins.

    All other components of weapons, including elements of the plastic forearm, housing the trigger and the butt mounted on the barrel with a cross pins.

    bolt handle can be positioned on either side of the weapon, manual safety levers are provided on both sides of the pistol grip.

    To ensure a smooth and a little effort on the trigger needed to ensure accurate shooting, the sear and firing pin spring are situated directly on the trigger, and the trigger associated with long rods.

    trigger mechanism is adjustable to 5 parameters.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine from FN FAL rifles capacity for 10 or 20 rounds.

    Established sights Rifle Kel-tec RFB has no; instead rifle comes mounted on the trunk rail type Picatinny rail, which can be installed on any optical sights.

    In addition, on the trunk rifle Kel-tec RFB may establish additional guide rails type of RAS to use assistive devices (bipods, pen, flashlight, etc.).

    sniper rifle kel-tec rfb
    Kel-tec RFB
    With silencer and bipod for extra napravlyuyaschih


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