Sniper Rifle L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle / LMT LW 308 MWS

    sniper rifle l129a1 sharpshooter rifle / lmt lw 308 mws

    L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle

    By the end of the first decade of the 2000s, the armed forces of many NATO countries participating in combat operations in Afghanistan and gain experience, became interested in self-loading small arms 7.62mm.

    sniper rifle l129a1 sharpshooter rifle / lmt lw 308 mws
    L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle

    This situation was caused by the fact that the Afghan mujahideen, recognizing the superiority of NATO infantry melee, went to the tactics of fire convoys and foot patrols NATO contingent with ranges of 500 meters and beyond, using weapons chambered 7.62h54R (mainly Russian guns PKM, SVD, and their analogs party). While manning a weapon for most NATO caliber 5.56h45 mm, at such distances shown itself relatively ineffective. It is mainly active interest and caused the armies of many NATO countries to self-loading rifle chambered for 7.62x51 mm NATO, equipped with optical sights and can fire at a range of up to 800 meters.

    In mid 2009, the UK Ministry of Defence announced a competition for a new sniper rifle for use at the tactical level office-platoon. The competition was attended by four self-loading rifle 7.62mm NATO - HK 417 (Germany), FN SCAR-H Mk.17 (Belgium), Sabre Defense XR-10 (UK) and LMT LW308MWS (USA).

    sniper rifle l129a1 sharpshooter rifle / lmt lw 308 mws

    L129A1 (top 2) and
    LMT LW 308 MWS (lower 2)
    According to the results of the contest

    American rifle LMT LW308MWS (LM7), represented by Lewis Machine & Tool Co, was recognized as the best, and its modified version adopted by the British Army under the symbol L129A1.

    L129A1 rifle differs from the LMT LW308MWS (Modular Weapon System) with only minor changes, such as:

    sniper rifle l129a1 sharpshooter rifle / lmt lw 308 mws
    Changed elements L129A1 unlike LMT LW308MWS - new chrome barrel length of 406 mm machinegun steel;
    - New slotted flash suppressor;
    - New sights;
    - Coloring butt, arms and forearm pads brown (LW308MWS offered in black). By design

    L129A1 sniper rifle semi-automatic weapon is using the vapor-automatic direct removal of powder gases in the bolt carrier type Stoner (similar to the American AR-10 rifles and M16).

    Design receiver and bolt group is also similar to Stoner, with the difference that the rigid aluminum handguard holds integrally with the upper part of the receiver. The design of the weapons provided slide catch.

    Barrel made of stainless steel and cantilevered posted inside forearm. If necessary, you can replace the base barrel length of 406 mm by 305-mm or 508-mm guns.

    trunk has a removable flash hider, and if necessary, can be equipped with a silencer quick.

    sniper rifle l129a1 sharpshooter rifle / lmt lw 308 mws
    L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle

    trigger mechanism provides only a single firing. Lever fuse is located above the handle on both sides of arms.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 20 rounds.

    Sights set on rails type Picatinny rail, and include backup open sights on folding bases and optical or night sight. Regular optical sight adopted sight Trijicon ACOG 6X48 fixed multiplicity.

    quadripartite mount type Picatinny rail, located on the shank and top of the receiver allows you to use various attachments (night sight, bipod, foregrip, laser pointer, grenade launcher).

    Rifle nominally completed adjustable telescopic butt type SOPMOD.

    sniper rifle l129a1 sharpshooter rifle / lmt lw 308 mws

    L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle
    With the optional front handle

    Sniper Rifle L129A1, which received the British Army classification «Sharpshooter rifle» (for rifle marksman), intended for use at the tactical level-platoon separation as a means to enhance the firepower of infantry acting in isolation from the support tools (armor, easel machine guns, mortars) or lack of them.

    < td> 4.5
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51
    - Butt decomposed
    - The stock closed

    Barrel length, mm 406
    store count. cartridges 20
    Effective range, m 800

    L129A1 Sharpshooter has the best compared with other versions of sniper rifles of this class in the British army, combat range and grass. Available posted trunk does not create resonance with the body weapons that provides improved accuracy. With gross rifle and machine gun cartridge rifle shooting accuracy provided about 1 MOA and defeat smarter growth targets at ranges up to 800 meters. The combat weight of the rifle is about 5 kg. Fast and accurate shooting with a semi-automatic rifle similar class at a distance up to 800 meters significantly increased opportunities divisions previously did not have weapons of this class.

    In early 2010 the British Army was acquired by the first party in the amount of 440 L129A1 rifles, which came into existing troops.

    sniper rifle l129a1 sharpshooter rifle / lmt lw 308 mws

    L129A1 Sharpshooter rifle
    With fixed bipod and without optical sight


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