Sniper Rifle M24 / M24A2 / M24A3 SWS

    sniper rifle m24 / m24a2 / m24a3 sws
    Remington M24 SWS

    U.S. Marine Corps to develop sniper rifles and M40 M40A1 could not attract the attention of the U.S. Defense Department. By this time, the armament of the M21 sniper rifles began to come in the off state, and the acute problem of spare parts. In this case, the changed situation in the world has moved its center of main possible operations of the U.S. Army from Europe to the Middle East, where the open spaces of the desert dictated requirements for accurate shooting at distances up to 1000 meters.

    sniper rifle m24 / m24a2 / m24a3 sws

    Military officials decided it was time to replace is on the M21 rifle armed with something more modern. As a result, in 1980, were announced requirements for a new sniper rifle, which was supposed to have the sliding bolt, polymer box and stainless steel barrel.

    sniper rifle m24 / m24a2 / m24a3 sws
    When using the

    eyes of developers once again turned to model «Remington 700", but rather on the bolt group of these weapons, which serves as the basis for a large family of hunting and sporting guns.

    As a result of competition involving rifles Steyr SSG model won firm Remington - Remington Model 700BDL. According to the results of the competition, in 1987 the U.S. Army adopted a new sniper rifle under the designation M24 SWS (SWS - "Sniper Weapon System", which translates as "sniper weapon system»).

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Win)
    Weight empty, kg 5.49
    Length mm 1092
    Barrel length, mm 610
    Muzzle velocity m / s 830
    Sighting range, m 800
    Capacity count. cartridges 5

    M24 Barrel made of stainless steel, 610 mm long., specially treated for shooting sniper ammunition M118 7.62mm NATO. The trunk has developed drill Remington 5R, having 5 grooves with rounded edges (to reduce friction). Step rifling - 1 turn to 286 mm.


    day riflescope Leupold-Stewens M3 Ultra has a fixed multiple of 10X, a scale to determine distance and compensator to account for bullet drop.

    Food arms ammunition is made from a non-removable magazine for 5 rounds.


    bed M24 has a wide channel for the trunk as a rifle barrel is almost the exact cone.

    butt plate is regulated by the length of 69 mm back and forth to adjust for any shooter.

    bipod - adjustable, folding.

    sniper rifle m24 / m24a2 / m24a3 sws
    Complete with carry case

    rifle comes in a hard case that holds the rifle, and a removable optical diopter sights, bipod, accessories care rifle, binoculars, spare shops. Approximate weight of the ammunition is about 20 kg.

    In the basic variant

    M21 under patron.300 Winchester Magnum (.300 WM) for army special forces (SOCOM) were made in M24 rifles party kalibre.300WM (initial modification kalibra.308 had envisaged this possibility).

    also produced by Remington M24 modification as M24A2, which rifle butt got vertically adjustable cheek, detachable 10-round magazine, as well as the upper and side panels type Picatinny. M24A2 barrel is primarily intended for use in conjunction with a silencer.

    sniper rifle m24 / m24a2 / m24a3 sws

    further development of the model was the modification of M24A2 M24A3, designed for shooting patronami.338 Lapua Magnum.

    M24 is famous as a promising, precision sniper system is able to make tough military operation. The advantages of the rifle can be attributed almost silent smooth process thanks to the spring-loaded extractor recharge, which is responsible for the release liner.

    Since adopting the U.S. Army M24, it has become the standard against which all other evaluated sniper rifles military standard.

    M24 rifle used by U.S. troops in all local conflicts late XX - early XXI centuries.

    sniper rifle m24 / m24a2 / m24a3 sws


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