Sniper Rifle M25

    sniper rifle m25

    By the mid-1980s there was a question about the decommissioning M21 rifle because of problems in its operation. Basically, the problems were related to the lodge, debugging rifles, gas operated system and eye (eg, loosening, weakening the adjustment rings).

    snayperskaya rifle m25
    Lodge McMillan (top) and McMillan M2A (bottom)

    General James A. Guest, while Commander J. F. K. Special Warfare Center, spoke before the U.S. Congress that the M21 rifle system has become obsolete, and that the military needed a new sniper rifle M24. M21 was deposited on warehouses and military snipers left the U.S. without a backup sniper rifle. Despite the statement by General Guest, arrows troops Specialty convinced the "powers" that the military sniper needed support system.

    As a result, in the period 1986-1988 on the basis of 10th SFG at Fort Devens was developed M25 sniper rifle based on the National Match M14 rifles and Boxes (fiberglass stock) firm McMillan, which is actually a modification of the M21 rifle.

    The new modified sniper rifle uses a special piston in the vent system to guide the return spring from the National Match rifle and the new installation of the sight - BPT (Brookfield Precision Tool) Advanced Scope Mounting System.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO
    (.308 Winchester)
    Weight empty, kg 4.9
    Length mm 1125
    Barrel length, mm 564
    Sighting range , m 800
    Capacity count. cartridges 5, 10, 20
    To stabilize the system

    M25 gunsmiths welded second stop on each slide box to improve the stability of the slide box in the seat box.

    in M25 using fiberglass box McMillan, which is less prone to distortion than lodges M21. In later versions, use M25 bed McMillan M2A with pistol grip and vertically adjustable cheek. Some military units stained box to match the terrain and features of their areas of action.

    sniper rifle m25
    In the box McMillan M2A

    Lodge rifle equipped with adjustable folding bipod. Over time, the M25 rifle began to use a more modern lodges from various manufacturers.

    snayperskaya rifle m25
    sight mount on the Bausch & Lomb M25 Most

    M25 sights were equipped with B & L (Bausch & Lomb) 10x Tactical scope, part of the rifles in the Army - Leupold Ultra MK4 series, in NAVY - Leupold MK4 and VariX-III LR M3), while rifle retained adjustable sights .

    also used rifle Muffler Company Ops Inc., Sionics (manufactured by Military Armament Company of Alpharetta, GA) and Seeberger. Optical sights were set on the mounting plate fitted type Picatiny.

    Although originally developed M25 Army, this system has also been adopted for service and units of the Navy United States. In addition there were some changes in the M25, which led to slight differences between the versions used by the Army and Navy.

    Snipers SEAL units used M25 rifle during the hostilities in the Persian Gulf (Operation Desert Storm) in 1990-91.

    sniper rifle m25

    In the bed of the firm JAE


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