Sniper Rifle M40 / M40A1 / M40A3


    During the Vietnam War, it became clear that of adopting the U.S. Marine Corps sniper rifles do not meet the requirements of doing precision shooting in tropical conditions.

    step toward changing this situation was the contest announced by the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) in early 1966. The Marines made a number of requests, which are reduced to the necessity of destroying the target with one shot at a great distance.

    After comparative tests

    existing rifles with the sliding bolt, which included an assessment of the accuracy of fire, reliability, performance and ready to open fire, experts Marine Corps stopped the choice on the rifle "Remington Model 700." Some sources claim that the first rifles supplied to the army by "Remington" was used receiver target rifle model 40X. However, the first batch of new rifles were collected with a receiver box business model "Remington" labeled "Remington Model 700" with the letters «U. S. »serial number on the sample indicates that this is a military rifle. The rifle was equipped with a sporty, cantilevered ("posted") barrel average mass, which, together with the mechanisms of the rifle was placed in a smooth bed. The bore rifle was chrome.

    sniper rifle m40 / m40a1 / m40a3

    In 1966, under the name «Rifle, 7.62mm Sniper, M40» («7,62-mm M40 sniper rifle"), she was accepted into service as the main sniper rifle U.S. Marine Corps.

    M40 was a five-shot rifle with a rotating bolt and detachable magazine.

    < td> 660
    M40 M40A1 M40A3
    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win)
    Length, mm 1146 1117 1124
    Barrel length, mm 610 635
    Weight empty, kg 5.21 6.57 7.5
    Count. cartridges
    Sighting range
    Fire, m
    800 1000

    M40 had some peculiarities inherent target rifles. For example, two closed hole plugs on the left side of the receiver allowed to install on the rifle diopter sight. In addition, on top of the receiver carried guides store equipment out of the cage, though mounted on the rifle optical sight is not allowed to do this.

    Whole box was made of wood and impregnated with special compound for protection against environmental influences. First M40 had standard army matt details and predetermined swivel. The bore was chrome. Included with the rifle supplied plastic case, which allows you to store and carry weapons and optical sight. Fastened on the rifle riflescope firm "Redfield" Variable Scope 3-9X.

    sniper rifle m40 / m40a1 / m40a3

    Shortly after the start using the rifle in the field began to show design flaws. The abundance of mud in a humid climate Vietnamese necessitates constant monitoring to ensure that between cantilevered barrel and there was no dirt lodge. Under the conditions of the jungle is constantly required to cut bloated with excess wood lodges who had contact with the barrel and possibly sealed box to avoid swelling and shrinkage of wood. In 1973 during the extensive inventory of weapons and equipment the U.S. Marine Corps revealed that the number of serviceable rifles dropped to 425 (with the original amount of 700 pieces). The harsh conditions of the tropics, in which fighting took place, led to the failure of a large number of rifles. Basically rifle culled due to the formation of shells in the barrel and damage scopes that did not survive the extremely humid climate of Vietnam. The problem was aggravated by the fact that the army gunsmiths could not find spare parts. Rangefinder scale located within sight, was very sensitive to the intensity of light passing through the scope and with his high-intensity could literally melt. Also a problem were cracks formed under the ring multiplicity adjustment sight. All this led to the inevitable conclusion: it's time to change the old workhorse.

    sniper rifle m40 / m40a1 / m40a3
    When using the In 1977

    guide the U.S. Marine Corps has decided to revive the system of M40 rifles and perestvoleniya by applying the new lodge. In the process of modifying the rifle got molded plastic shop and other construction site compound barrel to the receiver. In addition, aluminum trigger guard "Model 700" and the magazine cover, also made of aluminum, have been replaced with steel parts used on the rifle "Winchester 70." 24 inch Remington M40 rifle barrel was replaced on the barrel produced by "Atkinson» (Atkinson), made of stainless steel. Subjected to oxidation trunk. And finally, serious problems at high humidity characteristic wooden lodges M40 were solved by replacing it with a polyamide box company "Mac Millan» (McMillan) camouflage coloring. Furthermore, instead of worn out and lost the company "Remington" were further ordered trunks. The new rifle was adopted by the designation M40A1.

    had to pay for the improvements. M40A1 rifle weight increased to 12 pounds (about 3 pounds more than its predecessor).

    However, with all the necessary accessories, M40A1 with its 14.5 pounds became really heavy weapons. Its improved, powerful type design became the basis for future developments.

    were subsequently developed a number of modifications of the M40, in which the main differences from the M40A1 make use of different variants of the bed with stock and scopes, as well as the presence of rods such Picatiny. In 2001, the U.S. Army adopted a modification - M40A3.

    sniper rifle m40 / m40a1 / m40a3


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