Sniper Rifle M500 / M600 / M650 / AMAC-1500

    sniper rifle m500 / m600 / m650 / amac -1500
    RAI M500

    In 1981, the U.S. military ordered a small company Research Armaments Prototypes - RAP (Jacksonville, Arkansas, USA) to develop special sniper rifles.

    first developed sniper rifle model 300 was designed for firing at enemy troops at long range for cartridges 7.62 mm NATO (.308 Win) and 8.58x71 mm (.338 - .416), and the other a rifle - Model 500 (M500 ) by 12.7 mm cartridge from heavy machine gun designed to deal with the material part of the enemy - jeeps parked aircraft equipment, etc. Both rifles were developed in 1981-1982 under the leadership of D. Haskins.

    sniper rifle m500 / m600 / m650 / amac-1500
    RAI M500
    When shooting

    Issue M500 rifle was negligible, and about 1983 U.S. Army purchased from RAP 125 rifles in this series. However, M500 sniper rifle became the primary model for the development of sniper rifles of the same class, including rifles and famous firm Barrett.


    right to construct M500 rifle, as well as equipment for its manufacture repeatedly moved from one firm to another, and she changed the name of the rifle. Under the symbol AMAC-1500 released her firm Iver Johnson, and later it was produced under the same name by Ultimate Accuracy Arms.

    Then, in the 1980s, construction of the rifle was upgraded by Daisy Weapons Systems, and got the opportunity to convert the rifle under 3 main army caliber cartridge in the world. So, other than "American" patron 12.7h99 (.50 Browning), after rearranging barrel and slide, when fired from a rifle could use Soviet ammunition and 12.7h108 14.5h115.

    sniper rifle m500 / m600 / m650 / amac-1500

    RAI M500 Rifle and AMAC-1500 is a very simple structure consisting of several component parts: the barrel, the rotary slide gate, the receiver, the mast with a bipod and butt, this rifle assembled and disassembled in seconds, allowing you to store it unassembled and if necessary immediately bring it into the firing position.

    barrel has thickened walls and a corrugated surface for better and uniform cooling. Attached to the receiver using floating croutons.

    sniper rifle m500 / m600 / m650 / amac-1500
    AMAC-1500 In

    carriage mounted stabilizer harmonic oscillations which dampens vibrations barrel of the weapon. Installed on the muzzle with flash hider muzzle brake.

    approved scheme monovalent rifle led to the small size of the receiver and unusual design speed. He is very short, with the bolt body, mirrors, drummer, lugs, extractor and handle. After the shot, turn the handle upwards, thereby disengage the lugs and pull the slide back from the receiver. Cartridge cases at this time pulled from the chamber ejector. The new cartridge is embedded in the mirror shutter, where the ejector is held, after which the valve is inserted into the receiver, the patron enters the chamber. Turning the knob down the shutter engages with the barrel lugs. The rifle is ready to fire.

    rifle butt - an integral, adjustable in length and height. Tubular carriage in front part mounted folding bipod.

    Rifle has no open sights and is equipped with various optical and night sights.

    sniper rifle m500 / m600 / m650 / amac -1500
    RAMO M600

    issue rifle, which received the designation Model 600 (M600) consistently led the company Daisy, Redick Arms Development (RAD) and RAMO Defence.

    Later, RAD and RAMO started producing an improved version of Model 600 - Model 650 (M650), differs from previous models (which were singly) magazine-fed.

    RAI M500 RAMO M600 RAMO M650
    Caliber, mm .50 BMG .50 BMG (12.7x99)
    Length mm 1350 1384 1448
    Barrel length, mm 840 813 762
    Weight empty, kg 13.6 10.4 13.5
    Count. cartridges
    - - 7
    Fire, m

    Rifles series M500 and M600 - singly. Locking shutter is his turn, 3 lugs. To recharge the valve is removed from the weapon on his mirror grooves cartridge installed, and then the shutter with a cartridge inserted into the barrel and turning the lock. After the shot the bolt is unlocked and removed from the trunk, along with spent cartridges, which is removed from the mirror shutter manually.

    rifles series M650 Shutter longitudinal sliding, lockable rotatable 3 lugs. Submission cartridges made from detachable box magazine capacity of 7 rounds. In order to increase the rate of M650 rifle had to increase the length and weight of the weapon.

    All rifles in this series is not to be used for shooting with it, but only to stop, and so they did not have the forearm, and staffed with a folding bipod.


    open sights as was envisaged. All rifles used only with optical daytime or night sights.

    sniper rifle m500 / m600 / m650 / amac -1500
    RAMO M650

    Weapon Accuracy all rifles series M500 - M600 was about 1 arc minute (1MOA) and the most dependent on the quality of the used cartridges.

    M500 Sniper rifles are widely used by the Americans in the armed conflict in Lebanon, Panama, Haiti, Iraq.


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