Sniper Rifle M99

    sniper rifle m99

    Chinese M99 sniper rifle is antimaterial weapon designed to destroy light vehicles and combat legkoukreplennymi gun emplacements on the mid-range (snipers, machine-gun nests, etc.).

    Issue rifle has been launched in two structurally identical externally and variants: M99-I and M99-II.

    Rifle M99-I differs from the M99-II only caliber ammunition used - Soviet 12,7 x108 (M99-I) and "western" 12,7 x99 / .50 BMG (M99-II).

    Caliber, mm 12,7 x108 (M99-I)
    12,7 x99 / .50 BMG (M99-II)
    Length mm 1500
    Weight empty, kg 12.0
    Count. cartridges

    Automatic rifle uses gas operated mechanism and locking warp gate.

    To reduce the impact on the barrel muzzle brake is set, and the butt is equipped with rubber butt.

    To install

    sighting devices used rail-type Picatinny rail.

    addition, M99 sniper rifle can be equipped with various optical (daytime) and electro-optical (night) sights.

    Submission cartridges made from detachable box magazine capacity of 5 rounds.

    rifle is complete folding bipod and an additional adjustable support under the butt.

    sniper rifle m99


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