Sniper rifle Maadi Griffin M89 / M92 / M99


    large-caliber sniper rifle Maadi Griffin M89 was developed by American designer Bob Stewart (Bob Stewart) for firm Maadi Griffin and began to be made in 1989.

    Weapons is arranged according to the scheme bullpup.

    sniper rifle maadi griffin m89 / m92 / m99
    Maadi Griffin M89

    not automatic rifle, single shot.

    trunk chrome, heavy. On the trunk has a two-chamber brake compensator. The bore when fired rotating bolt locks with statement on its lugs.

    Barrel and bolt action rifle manufactured by high-precision technology. The barrel is mounted in a tubular receiver via a floating sleeve.

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    M89 M92 M99
    Caliber, mm 12.7x99 (.50 BMG)
    Length mm 1132.6 685.8 1343.3
    Barrel length, mm 948.2 531.8 1158.9
    Weight empty, kg 9.9 11.8
    Count. cartridges
    single shot

    reload rifle made by turning the tap back and using the handle of a cylindrical shutter. Next cartridge is embedded in the receiver window (it also serves to eject spent cartridges).

    receiver housing is made of aluminum. Located on top of the receiver rail for mounting optical and night sights. Mechanical sight rifle does not have.


    round receiver has a longitudinal box-pad, which is mounted in the trigger and outside mounted elongated pistol grip and folding bipod. The lower part of the handle and bipod form a three-legged carriage, increases resistance weapons firing. Rifle bipod have vertical adjustment Stowed, they fold back along the receiver.

    the rear of the receiver is mounted shock absorbing pad that plays the role of the stock.


    standard rifle Maadi Griffin M89 has been launched under patron.50 BMG, but can be manufactured to order and options for other cartridges.

    sniper rifle maadi griffin m89 / m92 / m99
    Maadi Griffin M92

    In 1992, on the basis of Maadi Griffin M89 rifle designed carbine Maadi Griffin M92, featuring a shorter barrel and the lack of a bipod. Despite the official name of the "shotgun", this weapon is a shortened high power single shot rifle chambered 12.7 mm h99.

    In 1999 sniper rifle Maadi Griffin M89 was again modified and received the designation Maadi Griffin M99. The main difference from the base rifle consisted of an elongated barrel, increasing the effective range.

    sniper rifle maadi griffin m89 / m92 / m99
    Maadi Griffin M99


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