Sniper Rifle Mauser 86SR

    sniper rifle mauser 86sr
    Mauser 86SR

    Sniper Rifle Mauser 86SR was developed in the mid-1980s the German arms company Mauser Werke replacement rifle Mauser SP66.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win),
    .300 Winchester Magnum
    Length mm 1270
    Barrel length, mm 730
    Weight empty, kg 5.9
    Capacity, number . cartridges 9

    Mauser 86SR being essentially later, improved version of the Mauser SP66, is a bit elongated and clothed rifle.

    Mauser 86SR received a modified box and detachable box magazine greater capacity and a new bolt group.

    Sniper Rifle Mauser SR 86 uses the mechanism manually operated using the rotary bolt with two front locking lugs.

    snayperskaya rifle mauser 86sr
    Mauser 86SR

    rifle barrel posted on the lodge and equipped with a powerful muzzle brake.

    Lodge could be made of plywood or fiberglass, it is equipped with adjustable butt pad and buttstock comb.

    Under the gun mounts were folding bipod.

    Stock is made from detachable box magazine capacity of 9 rounds.

    Rifle Mauser SR 86 had no open sights and usually were equipped with an optical sight businesses Hensoldt or Zeiss.

    Sniper Rifle Mauser 86SR widely used by various European police forces, were delivered to Israel and other countries.

    sniper rifle mauser 86sr

    Mauser 86SR


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