Sniper Rifle Mauser SP66

    sniper rifle mauser sp66
    Mauser SP66
    snayperskaya rifle mauser sp66
    Mauser M66
    Basic model

    Sniper Rifle Mauser SP66 was developed in 1976 based on the sporting rifle Mauser M66 Super Match.

    Rifle Mauser SP66 is based on the shutter with a shortened course of heme structure (Gehmann short-throw bolt).

    snayperskaya rifle mauser sp66
    Mauser SP66

    Unlike standard Mauzerovskogo shutter, shutter heme has only two lugs cooperating with coupling, screwed into the breech. Bolt handle is closer to the front of the gate, the upper rear of the receiver as opposed to the traditional design Mauzerovskogo split (for longitudinal movement charging handle).

    Safety button located on the back side of the slide switches and thumb of his right hand. When you turn on the fuse blocks the trigger.

    Weighted barrel equipped with combined muzzle brake - flash hider.

    snayperskaya rifle mauser sp66
    Mauser SP66

    as standard Mauser SP66 has no open sights and is equipped with an optical sight Zeiss Diavari ZA 1.5-6X variable multiplicity, but can accommodate any other optical and night sights.


    shop on three cartridges located in the rifle stock and does not protrude beyond. Shop equips patrons either alone or out of the cage just three rounds.

    equipment and vacuum store made one patron at the open gate.

    stock of wood, laminated wood, adjustable.

    Butt has a rubber recoil pad. The butt can be adjusted depending on the build hand, it has a hole for the thumb, which was typical of many high-quality target rifles.

    For better retention rifle Mauser SP66 in the hands of its surface is roughened and wide forend provides convenience when shooting regardless of the length of the firing hand.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 NATO (.308 Win)
    Length mm 1120
    Barrel length, mm 730
    Weight empty, kg 6.12
    Capacity, count. cartridges 3

    small body rifle Mauser SP66 makes it easy. Another advantage is that when reloading the shooter can continue to keep the target in sight.

    Rifle Mauser SP66 once widespread and used by police and military forces of many countries, including Germany (FRG), Italy and Israel.

    Manufacturing sniper rifle Mauser SP66 was completed in about 1985 with the start of production of the rifle Mauser 86SR.

    sniper rifle mauser sp66

    Mauser SP66


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