Sniper Rifle Mauser SR-93

    sniper rifle mauser sr-93
    Mauser SR-93
    In the embodiment used in Germany

    Sniper Rifle Mauser SR-93 was designed by the renowned German company Mauser Werke in the early 1990s, shortly before its absorption concern Rheinmetall.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51mm NATO (.308 Win),
    .300 Winchester Magnum,
    .338 Lapua Magnum
    Length mm 1230
    Barrel length, mm 690
    Weight without sight, kg 5.9
    Capacity, number . cartridges 5 (.338), 6 (.300)

    Sniper Rifle Mauser SR-93 was developed specifically for the requirements of the contest Army Germany (Bundeswehr) on a new long-range sniper rifle G22 (requirements defeat the purpose of the competition included in the standard army vest at ranges up to 600 meters).

    contest was won rifle Accuracy International AW Magnum kalibra.300 Winchester Magnum, and the resultant release of rifle Mauser SR-93 was extremely small - according to various sources, all were released about 120 units of this rifle, some of which are sold to collectors of weapons and some were taken into service various special police units in several European countries, in particular Germany and the Netherlands.

    Rifle Mauser SR-93 is a weapon shop manual reset having a rotary bolt with two lugs at the front, detachable box magazine and posted cantilever barrel with special muzzle brake.

    sniper rifle mauser sr-93
    Mauser SR-93

    bolt group is designed so that if necessary, the bolt handle can be moved to the other side (a left-handed shooter) without disassembling the weapon.

    Fuse magazine catch and also displayed on both sides of the weapon.

    basis rifle is aluminum frame chassis, which is attached to the barrel receiver and mechanisms elements plastic box, foldable height adjustable bipod.

    Butt frame structure has an adjustable butt plate and cheek, also built in the butt height-adjustable back support.

    To set sights on the receiver made a special attachment, open sights are not provided. Normally offered rifle riflescope Hensoldt 3-12X56.

    main caliber rifle Mauser SR-93 Winchester Magnum yavlyalis.300 i.338 Lapua Magnum; rework kits chambered 7.62x51 NATO offered to train the shooters with the cheaper cartridge.

    sniper rifle mauser sr-93
    Mauser SR-93
    In an embodiment, use the Dutch police


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