Sniper Rifle McMillan (Harris) M87 / M87R / M93

    sniper rifle mcmillan (harris) m87 / m87r / m93

    McMillan M87R

    In 1987, the American company «McMillan Bros. Rifles Co »has developed large-caliber sniper rifle M87.


    McMillan M87 was single-shot with a conventional longitudinal rotary bolt.

    But soon

    rifle has been upgraded to give ammunition supply stores and designation M87R.

    sniper rifle mcmillan (harris) m87 / m87r / m93
    McMillan M93

    rifle fitted with heavy barrel with perforated muzzle brake.

    safety lever is located next to the shutter lever.

    Food McMillan M87R ammunition made from detachable magazine capacity of 5 rounds. Latch shop is located at the front of the trigger guard.

    Open sights are not available. At the same time on the receiver is mounting an optical sight.

    rifle has a short box. Hole in the butt forms the pistol grip.


    handguard installed folding bipod.

    In the early 1990s rifle once again been upgraded, receiving the designation M93.

    main difference from McMillan M93 M87R is foldaside butt for easy packing and transportation, as well as with the new shortened foregrip bipod mount. Also was increased magazine capacity (except shop for 5 rounds, it became possible to use the magazine capacity of 10 rounds).

    sniper rifle mcmillan (harris) m87 / m87r / m93
    McMillan M93

    Large-caliber sniper rifles McMillan M87, M87R, M93 are designed to solve "antisnayperskih" tasks and use as antimaterial weapons and explosives to destroy undermining away (if the bullet does not cause detonation of the charge, it destroys the detonator or blasting circuit and makes the device less dangerous during inspection and neutralization).

    rifles were adopted by U.S. and French special forces.

    In 1995 «McMillan Bros. Rifles Co »was acquired by« Harris Gunworks, Inc. »(Phoenix, Arizona, USA), which continued to issue sniper rifles M87, M87R, M93 designation firm Developer - McMillan.

    McMillan M87McMillan M87RMcMillan M93
    Калибр, mm 12.7h99 (.50 BMG)
    Length mm 1346 1346 1346
    991 (stock closed)
    Barrel length, mm 737
    Weight, kg 9.52
    Capacity count. cartridges ------ 5 5, 10
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 853
    Sighting range, m 1500


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