Sniper rifle Mechem NTW-20

    sniper rifle mechem ntw-20
    Sniper rifle

    antimaterial NTW-20 is designed primarily for use by rapid response peacekeeping forces or special operations forces. Actual use of the system may vary depending on the country where it is used by military doctrine or philosophy, but most importantly from the imagination. The main purpose of this rifle - the struggle with the technical and material resources of the enemy at medium and large (small arms) ranges.

    sniper rifle mechem ntw-20
    Tony Neophytou with NTW-20

    NTW-20 rifle was developed by designer Tony Neophytou in the first half of the 1990s the firm Aerotek in South Africa. Later all rights for this development company bought Mechem - large unit military-industrial concern DENEL (South Africa).

    Since 1998 NTW-20 rifle was adopted by the South African National Defence Force. In addition, it has been proposed for export.

    Since the development

    rifle underwent a series of modifications to achieve the most acceptable results, becoming a versatile weapon used ammunition of various calibres.

    rifle used in very powerful ammunition - 20-mm high-explosive and incendiary bombs, designed for German aviapushek during World War II, and 14.5 mm armor-piercing and armor-piercing ammunition, developed at the same time in the USSR for antitank guns. These munitions are used and produced in South Africa. The main goals for NTW-20 rifle can be cars, planes and helicopters parked, communications, fuel depots, which are particularly effective against 20-mm shells. 14.5 mm rounds used for shooting a protected targets such as armored personnel carriers on or fortified structures, or when shooting at long range (about 2,000 meters).

    History 20h82 mm cartridge that is used NTW-20 rifle, is rooted in the Second World War. He could not be fully justifies its purpose in conjunction with this rifle. The next in a series of 20-mm cartridge is 20h102 mm "Volcano", as well as 20h110 "Gispano" 20h138 mm and HS820. Last cartridges require a longer barrel compared with NTW to achieve the desired muzzle velocity. The strength of the recoil and flash intensity is 3-4 times higher than that generated 20h82 mm ammunition, although useful weight shells largely identical. Here is the limit above which the effective reduction of stroke and decrease the recoil force become very problematic. NTW-20 rifle to cope with such a task, in this case, without resorting to expensive and technically sophisticated methods.

    sniper rifle mechem ntw-20
    NTW-20 with a barrel 14.5mm (NTW-14.5)
    sniper rifle mechem ntw-20
    Main components NTW-20

    NTW-20 can be easily adapted to Russian cartridge h114 14.5 mm. Such modifications can be carried out in less than one minute, without any tools. Characteristics of this cartridge differ significantly from 20 mm caliber ammunition - he shoots conventional armor-piercing bullets at much higher speeds and, accordingly, at a flat trajectory. The resulting energy of this cartridge is approximately 2 times greater than 12.7 mm cartridge. These features allow you to select the required configuration on the eve of a mission, or to create a mixed sniper teams to combine the advantages of both systems. There is also regular kit perestvoleniya by caliber 12.7 mm, which is beneficial for reducing the cost of training.

    sniper rifle mechem ntw-20
    When using the

    rifle NTW-20 is designed to be a maximum ease of use and simple maintenance system. Slide group and shop at 3 cartridges are highly effective system for accurate single lamp.

    NTW-20 is based on the traditional scheme with manually operated rotary bolt. Locking barrel bolt is valid for 6 lugs.

    Caliber, mm 20h82 14.5h114
    Length mm 1795 2015
    Barrel length, mm 1000 1220
    Weight empty, kg 26 29
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 720 1080
    Capacity count. cartridges 3
    Effective range
    Fire, m
    1500 2300

    Trunks NTW-20 quick-that allows the field to change the caliber rifle by installing a new barrel complete with a gate and a shop to another caliber.

    Sights - Optical 8X fold aim for quick release, which does not require perepristrelki weapons after installing and removing sight.


    district center of mass on the rifle has a special frame that serves as a carrying rifles for short distances, and to protect the sight.

    Power is supplied from

    abut horizontally from the left box magazine for 3 rounds.

    rifle is intended only to stop firing, which has a folding bipod.

    sniper rifle mechem ntw-20

    radically different NTW-20 20-mm guns of the Second World War is to reduce the weight by almost half. This is achieved through effective integrated system reducing the recoil momentum. First, 2/3 of the total weight of the rifle receiver assembly. This assembly is able to freely fall back in a relatively easy installation or chassis. Free rollback relaxed three devices that interact with each other. The first is a two-cycle hydraulic shock absorber, which reduces the initial high rollback. The design of the absorber has an expansion valve and the camera, which absorb fluid expansion during climatic / weather extremes. The first is a two-cycle hydraulic shock absorber, which reduces the initial high rollback. The second phase of lowering the recoil momentum is provided by a double-acting spring buffer located on the bottom rear of the chassis. As reducing the rollback, the amount of work performed by a shock absorber is also lowered. At this moment, as the compression springs begin to increase work buffer, and its maximum efficiency is achieved at the end of stroke. Schedules of these two systems is clearly overlapped and thereby negate the peak recoil momentum. This increases the time to continue the pulse. The result is extended than a sharp peak impact, which is usually generated during firing of conventional small arms, not equipped with a system to mitigate the impact. Returns finally extinguished effective muzzle brake designed to reduce the force of the sound wave dispersion and gas jets, as well as a shock-absorbing pad on the butt plate.

    Delivery and transport

    NTW-20 is carried out in two sets, each weighing about 15 kg is the curb that can be carried back for two rooms calculation rifle. One package - receiver, and the second - receiver assembly and other accessories, including ammunition. This arrangement allows you to deliver weapons to the most remote places in order to apply it in the most unexpected and unlikely points.


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