Sniper Rifle Mk11 mod 0 SWS

    sniper rifle mk11 mod 0 sws
    Mk11 mod 0 SWS

    sniper rifle US Navy Mark11 Model 0 Sniper Weapon System (sniper weapon system the U.S. Navy) is a military modification sport target rifle SR-25 Match, originally adopted for service units MTR U.S. Navy (units frogmen SEAL).

    production of these rifles has been adjusted at the factory CAS firm in Titusville (Fla.), and deliveries in the steel division MTR implemented since 2000.

    sniper rifle mk11 mod 0 sws
    silencer to Mk11 mod.0

    Unlike sport target version for the civilian market weapons, military rifle equipped with a silencer modification and trade capacity of 10 and 20 rounds (for the civilian market Allowed U.S. magazines for no more than 10 rounds).

    Butt constant unregulated structurally similar to the M16A2 assault rifle butts and M16A4. The trigger mechanism unregulated class of match. The rifle is equipped with folding bipod produced by "Harris Engineering" (of Barlow, Ky.).

    sniper rifle mk11 mod 0 sws
    Mk11 mod.0
    With the store for 5 rounds

    Silencer rifle Mk11 mod.0 designed designers firm CAS reduces the sound level by 28 dB shot. Its length is 12.25 inches (311.15 mm), diameter of 1.375 inches (34.925 mm), weight 1 pound 14 ounces (851 g). Muffler equipped with attachment point to the trunk type QD (QD - Quick Detachable - quick-detachable). It is installed on the rifle with two fixing rods that when you click on a jumper connecting them come in semicircular grooves of the mount muffler on the barrel of the rifle. Resource muffler is about 10 thousand rounds of ammunition standard.

    These rifles are equipped with optical sights U.S. firm "Leopold and Stevens' (one of the most famous American companies - manufacturers of high quality scopes for military and civil purposes, located in Beaverton (Oregon). Founded in 1907 by an immigrant from Germany Fred Leopold) with various modifications Reticle type Mil-dot. Usually it sights model VX-III 3,5-10 X 40 mm LR / T MOH (abbreviation LR / T in the model designation stands for scopes Leupold Long Range / Tactical - long distance / Tactical) with variable magnification 3.5-10X but can be used, and other models (e.g., modifications LR / T series of four Mark with similar characteristics).

    sniper rifle mk11 mod 0 sws
    Mk11 mod.0
    Key components In addition to an optical sight

    rifle equipped foldable (reclining) iron sights dioptrical type - Flip-up BUIS (BUIS - Back Up Iron Sights - Folded Steel (mechanical) sights), mounted on the guide rail on the receiver type M1913 and flue assembly . Iron sights are adjustable and allow you to fire at a distance of up to 600 m

    This model with a sniper rifle in 2006 also began to come into service snipers reconnaissance units expeditionary forces MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit), U.S. Marine Corps. In particular, scout snipers from the Battalion Landing Team of the 26th Expeditionary MP formation and the 2nd Battalion, 2nd Marine Regiment, conducted the first combat-firing of the new Mk11 mod0 rifles in July 2006.

    sniper rifle mk11 mod 0 sws
    Mk11 mod.0
    When shooting

    In this earlier, in November 2005, the U.S. Marine Corps Command announced the purchase of 180 of these rifles on emergency request command of the 2nd Expeditionary MP for supplies to Marine units operating in Iraq. This is due to the fact that in the arsenal scout snipers MP shoplifting and M40A1 sniper rifles M40AZ with the sliding bolt and manually operated (M40A1 rifle, adopted by U.S. Marine weapons in the mid-1970s, was intended to replace the M40, exhausted . M40AZ rifle adopted for service by the end of the Marine Corps started in 1996 development program is the latest modification under the new M40 sniper cartridge Ml 18L) is not fully consistent with the conditions of warfare in the settlements. Self-loading rifle type Mk11 mod.0 equipped with 20-round magazine and has a higher practical rate, according to U.S. experts, given weekly newspaper "Army Times", is capable of replacing three types of weapons in the sniper teams - shopping NATO caliber sniper rifle 7 62h51 mm (M40A1, M40A3) M16A4 assault and M9 pistol. A similar conclusion was in the U.S. Army units operating in Iraq, in which part of the weapon system re-entered the M14 and M21 rifles with optical sights.

    Caliber, mm 7,62 x51 NATO
    (.308 Winchester)
    Length mm 1158
    Barrel length, mm 508
    Weight empty, kg 6.9
    Count. cartridges
    10, 20
    Effective range
    Fire, m

    additional advantage Mk11mod.0, according to the "Army Times," is that its armed sniper, due to the similarity of its external form with an assault rifle M16A4 (it should be noted that M16A4 much more superficially similar to one U.S. Marine sniper rifle - SAM -R, however, having caliber 5.56 x 45 mm, it does not exceed assault rifles and ammunition power range shooting), almost not released from the Marines patrol, making it difficult to assess the situation adversary (in particular, the presence in the patrol with sniper a high-powered rifle rifle cartridge with greater effective range than the weapons of NATO caliber 5.56 x 5 mm). This, according to U.S. experts, contributes to a more successful struggle patrols with armed rebels in clashes conditions in the settlements, where the latter are hiding among the local population on the streets and near the roads patrolled by Marines.

    To equip U.S. Marine units and continued supply of these rifles in the division with MTR by CAS was awarded a potential contract worth 9.9 million dollars, which included the production and purchase of weapons for the troops in the period from 2007 to 2011 at a fixed price.

    sniper rifle mk11 mod 0 sws
    Mk11 mod.0

    mod.0 MK11, are adopted by the U.S. Marines, equipped with optical sights M8541 SSDS (Scout Sniper Day Scope - Daily (optical) sight sniper scout) with variable magnification 12X-3, which in the spring of 2005 in MP replaced the old 10-fold sights Unertl, installed on the M40 series sniper rifles. M8541 SSDS is manufactured in the USA by "Prime retiklz" (city of Winchester, Virginia), a modification of the optical sight Schmidt & Bender 3-12 X 50 mm PM II / LP (RMII abbreviation means that he is from a series of models Police Marksman II - "Police arrows-2"), developed by renowned German company - manufacturer of military, police and hunting scopes "Schmidt and Bender» (Schmidt & Bender Gmbh). Reticle Mil-Dot type second generation with adjustable backlight aiming mark. Length of sight 345 mm, the diameter of the central tube 34 mm, 50 mm lens, the weight of 860 grams (30.3 ounces). Field of view at 100m is 11,1-3,4 m (depending on the chosen magnification).


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