Sniper rifle model MR-43/1

    sniper rifle model MR-43/1

    During World War II in the development of automatic rifle for the German troops was designed assault rifle, MP-43, later received the designation MP-44 and Stg. 44.

    sniper rifle model MR-43/1
    MR 43/1
    With night sight

    Based assault rifle MR-43 specifically for snipers was established pattern rifle MR-43/1, which allowed to deliver fire up to 800 meters.

    on the rifle MR 43/1 was set milled mount scopes quadruple ZF-4.

    also provided for the use of MR-43/1 with infrared night vision sight ZG. 1229 "Vampire". For trial operation was made in 300 rifles party MP - 43/1 with these sights.

    Landing mount for optical and night sight was mounted on the right side of the receiver, and that was the main difference from the basic model MR-43.

    Caliber, mm 7.92x33 Kurz
    Length mm 940
    Barrel length, mm 419
    Weight 5.22
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 685
    Sighting range, m 800
    By design

    MP - 43/1 is a weapon, built on the basis of automation with a gas engine with a long course located above the barrel, gas piston.

    Locking barrel by using the warp gate down over the liner in the receiver.

    bolt handle is on the left and shooting moves with the bolt.

    Die block the trigger with pistol grip is hinged to the receiver and folds forward and down for disassembly.

    sniper rifle model MR-43/1
    Partial disassembly

    Fuse and translator fire mode - independent (left guard lever on the pistol grip and it is located above the transverse mode selection button fire).


    optical or night sight rifle was equipped with a full-time sector sight.

    Receiver weapons - is stamped from sheet steel,

    rifle butt - wood, attached to the receiver cross pin and removed during disassembly.


    butt is a return spring (thus excluding the possibility of creating a simple version with folding stock).


    by Merz-Werke in small quantities carried Rifle MP-43/1 with threaded muzzle of the barrel for mounting on it 30mm grenade launcher.

    sniper rifle model MR-43 / 1


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