Sniper rifle model Styria Arms CSR 99

    sniper rifle model styria arms csr 99

    Styria Arms CSR 99

    sniper rifle model Styria Arms CSR 99 developed a small private Austrian company «Styria Arms», founded by engineer Michael Majerle (Michael W. Mayerl), weapons designer who has previously worked in the Group SIG-Sauer.

    Making CSR 99 rifle was established by Styria Arms exclusively for the order, which is reflected in its title (Custom Sniper Rifle - literally, "a sniper rifle, made to order»).

    sniper rifle Styria Arms CSR 99 is based on a modified Mauzerovskogo bolt group, with a rotating bolt "Mauzerovskogo" type, having two front lugs, optional rear guard, massive non-rotating extractor providing controlled supply of cartridges in the trunk.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51 ( .308 Win) - base,
    Other possible range
    From 6,5 x47 Lapua
    Do.338 Remington Ultra Mag
    Barrel, mm
    350 to 700 mm
    Depending on the order
    Length mm Depending on
    Configuration rifle
    Weight Depending on
    Configuration rifle
    Count. cartridges
    3 to 5 rounds
    Depending on the caliber

    trigger mechanism - adjustable.

    Fuse weapons located in the rear of the bolt and has 3 positions.

    rifle barrel is made by rotary forging.

    Food ammunition carried out integrally box magazine dual inline cartridges. Shop equips one patron on, through the window of the receiver at the open gate.

    Receiver rifles - steel.

    The receiver set universal guide is designed for quick and easy installation of any optical sights on the respective brackets.

    Rifle nominally completed polymer lodge with adjustable cheek and butt pad.

    for their rifles by Styria Arms was offered a wide selection of calibers, barrel lengths, accessories, etc., etc. Also, especially for left-handed shooters were offered "left-handed" version of the rifle with a "mirror" placement of controls ( bolt handle, fuse).

    With the right mix

    sniper rifle cartridges Styria Arms CSR 99 provides grouping is less than 1 minute of arc (Sub-MOA).

    sniper rifle model styria arms csr 99

    Styria Arms CSR 99
    View of the receiver of "left-handed" version


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