Sniper rifle model Tavor STAR 21

    sniper rifle model tavor star 21
    Tavor STAR 21

    In the 1990s, the Israeli company IMI (Israel Military Industries - company later IWI - Israeli Weapons Industries Ltd) was started to develop a new assault rifle, which resulted in the creation of a family of weapons with the designation «Tavor».

    sniper rifle model tavor star 21
    Tavor TAR 21

    In the basic model with an assault rifle (automatic) Tavor TAR 21 at its base were created Tavor CTAR 21 carbine, compact automatic Tavor MTAR 21, as well as a sniper rifle Tavor STAR 21.

    sniper rifle Tavor STAR 21 (STAR - Sharp Shooting Tavor Assault Rifle) - one of the most interesting versions «Tavor». This rifle was designed to replace the armament Liberation Army Israel Sc. "Linear sniper rifles" (Sharp Shooting Rifle) M16A2E3 and others like her.

    sniper rifle model tavor star 21
    Tavor STAR 21

    sniper rifle Tavor STAR 21 in design is a modified version Tavor TAR 21 and differs from the base model of the optical 4X sight, heavy "sniper" barrel improved handling and folding bipod.

    Like all weapons family Tavor rifle Tavor STAR 21 is an automatic weapon with a gas engine and automatic built bullpup configuration.

    Shutter - swivel, locked in the trunk of 7 lugs.

    ejector and a reflector mounted on the gate, and for a rifle equipped with two interchangeable versions gates providing release of spent cartridges on the right or on the left side of the weapon, which in the case of weapons made two windows to eject spent cartridges.

    Caliber, mm 5.56x45 NATO
    Length mm 725
    Barrel length, mm 460
    Weight 3.67
    store count. cartridges 20, 30
    Muzzle velocity, m / s 910
    Effective range, m 500 - 600

    charging handle is usually located on the left forearm, but under it cuts made on both sides of arms and it can be installed on both the left and right. When shooting arm remains stationary.

    trigger mechanism - a hammer type. Larger trigger guard covers the whole hand arrow.


    fuse - translator fire mode is located on the body of weapons on the pistol grip.

    Tavor STAR 21 in contrast to the basic variant rifle Tavor TAR 21 has a heavy barrel improved handling. The barrel is possible to install a special muffler sounds shot.

    sniper rifle Tavor STAR 21 nominally equipped with 4x optical sight. In this day and can be installed different types of night sights thanks to the guide type Picatinny.

    sniper rifle model tavor star 21
    Tavor STAR 21

    Food rifle is from the shops from M16, standard capacity 30 or 20 rounds.

    body of weapons made of high-strength polymers in combination with light alloys (aluminum, etc.), integral with pistol grip and trigger guard.

    At the bottom handguard

    set forth folding bipod.

    In various benchmarks Tavor STAR 21 noted the following positive features of the rifle:

    - More reliable operation in extreme conditions.
    - Continuous use without the need for the shooting.
    - Ergonomic design.
    - Compact weapons.
    - The design allows the rifle is equally convenient to use a weapon both right-handed and left-handed.


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