Sniper Rifle MP-116M

    sniper rifle MC-116m
    sniper rifle MC-116m
    single shot rifle sports MC-116 In 1997

    TsKIB COO presented a special sniper rifle MC-116M designed to defeat unsheltered manpower, including using personal body armor, unarmored vehicles, as well as for special sniper operations requiring one defeats the purpose of the (first) precision shot.

    Sniper Rifle MP-116M is designed on the basis of sports sniper monovalent 7.62mm rifle target MC-116.

    sniper rifle MC-116m
    Sniper Rifle MP-116M

    rifle has a free floating heavy barrel, locking is done by turning the bolt with two lugs. Curved bolt handle when locking is located above the trigger guard.

    firing mechanism is mounted in the bolt, the hammer is cocked when unlocking, the tail pointer is cocking the hammer. The trigger mechanism is constructed on a separate base and adjustable descent force of from 1.5 to 2.55 kgf, the trigger stroke length - from 0.5 to 2 mm.

    Food rifle ammunition is made from detachable row store by 5 or 10 rounds.

    Lodge rifle with a short forearm.

    stock with pistol developed cervical lip, adjustable in height and length, "cheek" - adjustment.

    Caliber, mm 7,62
    Weight unloaded and optics, kg 6.5
    Length mm 1250
    Barrel length, mm 650
    Sighting range, m 600
    Capacity count. cartridges 5, 10

    attached to the barrel slotted flash suppressor.

    guide forearm is used to set the bipod. Bipod attached as sling swivel and fixed with two screws. In the stowed position and reduce folded back along the forearm. The sliding part is fixed retainers.

    rifle equipped with iron sights - climbing pillar, and fly back flip.

    entirely and fly equipped with transverse pins for fastening tape antimirazhnoy.

    Optical sights are mounted on removable brackets. The rifle can be equipped with an optical sight PKS-07U with multiplicity gain 7X and night sight.

    Rifle MP-116M - precision-manufacturing, production of which was made by special order.

    Special sniper rifle MC-116M was adopted by the special forces units of law enforcement agencies and the Russian Armed Forces.

    sniper rifle MC-116m
    MP 116M
    Without optics with 10-round magazine


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