Sniper Rifle OC-48 / OTs-48K


    In 2000, a young designer Tula Central Design Bureau of Sporting and Hunting Weapons (TsKIB SOO) - Vladimir Zlobin offered in a new guise to revive the legendary trehlineyku Mossina model 1891/1930.

    He proceeded from the fact that in the hands of athletes and experienced shooters sniper rifles Mossina individual specimens showed accuracy of 3.5 cm at 100 m compared to 8 cm for SVD. This is a normal result for the linear rifle late XIX century, but not for sniper rifles beginning of the XXI century. In the new century sniper weapons should have better accuracy of 24 mm at 100 m, 7 cm at 300 m, 35 cm at 1200 m

    sniper rifle sc-48 / sc-48k

    Mossinskaya rifle in a new version was designated OC-48.

    The new rifle - a free-floating barrel carries a short flash suppressor and front sight.

    Locking - of a sliding shutter bent down handle. In gate mounted hammer with cocking the hammer back and protruding.

    Trigger made softer and more comfortable for precision shooting than the prototype.

    Solid wood bed with adjustable buttstock has the occiput and the "cheek" bipod mount hinged at the front end forearm.

    sniper rifle sc-48 / est. -48k

    Modification OTs-48K ("short") is made on a "bullpup" why arms length decreased to 850 cm cm in 1225 against SVD.

    sniper rifle sc-48 / sc-48k
    When shooting

    shutter is controlled via a special craving associated with it a pair of articulated arms.

    Permanent shop fully inscribed in the butt behind the pistol grip formed on a lodge.

    Butt elevated enough to ensure the usability of the optical sight is provided with an elastic neck. Butt plate is made of rubber and has a rather convenient form.

    sniper rifle sc-48 / est. -48k

    can be mounted above the barrel protivomirazhnuyu tape, eliminating the uneven heating of the barrel at the same time the appearance of the sun and shimmer eye before shooting from the heated barrel.

    OTs-48 OTs-48K
    Caliber, mm 7,62 x54 (7H1)
    Length mm 1250 850
    Barrel length, mm 730
    Weight empty, kg 6.0 5.5
    Count. cartridges
    Sighting range
    Fire, m
    The rifle is equipped with a bipod

    fixed to the front end of the forearm.

    rifle has a mechanical sight of folding back the front sight and the sight of a framework similar to the sight of the sample in 1930 Reticle shifted to the left.

    placed as the main four-sight PSO-1 or sevenfold PKS-07. Also, a sniper rifle can be mounted night sights like PKN-03 or iron sights.


    arrester can be mounted on the trunk of the ICP (tactical silencer).

    Both rifles are made to order only.

    rifle is intended to arm mobile units (Special Forces, Airborne, etc.), serves to defeat unsheltered manpower, including using personal body armor, as well as soft-skinned vehicles.

    sniper rifle sc-48 / est. -48k


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