Sniper rifle Orsis T 5000 / ORSIS T-5000

    sniper rifle Orsis t-5000 / orsis t -5000

    ORSIS SE T-5000

    sniper rifle Orsis t-5000 / orsis t-5000

    ORSIS SE T-5000

    In the first half of 2011 the Russian digging industrial group "Survey Systems" opened in Moscow arms factory "Orsis" (shortened from "weapons system"). This company was primarily focused on the civilian market for precision hunting and sporting weapons, but the product line included sniper and specialized systems for high-precision shooting at medium and long range. Purpose of precision sniper rifles - use as special units of law enforcement agencies (FSB, FSO, MVD) and specially trained army snipers.

    sniper rifle Orsis t-5000 / orsis t-5000
    ORSIS SE T-5000

    All models of rifles, known ORSIS, were designed in the company's own design office, relying on advanced Russian and foreign experience in the field of high-precision weapons systems.

    In September 2011 at the VIII International exhibition of arms "Nizhny Tagil - 2011" presented a new development Orsis - sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000 (Orsis T-5000). Subsequently rifle ORSIS SE received designation T-5000 where «SE» indicates the use of materials in construction of the arms of special stainless steels.

    Precision sniper rifle ORSIS SE T-5000 was offered in two basic versions - standard bolt group under patron.308 Winchester (7.62x51 mm) and with a long bolt group under patron.338 Lapua Magnum (8.6h70 mm).

    ORSIS SE T-5000 is based on the original bolt group, made of stainless steel in two basic sizes ("standard" under patrony.308 and "long" under patrony.338). Longitudinally sliding gate, swivel, two with locking lugs in front of him.

    sniper rifle Orsis t-5000 / orsis t-5000
    view shutter ORSIS SE T-5000

    bolt group that is installed on the rifle model Orsis T-5000 has a margin of more than 30% on the test pressure, which greatly increased the safety of operation of the weapon. Components of the bolt are manufactured from stainless steel, heat treated to obtain desired hardness and high strength characteristics by means of electrical discharge machining, will provide ideal internal geometry. Thanks to this was provided almost perfect positioning lugs on the bolt, which affected the smooth running of the impactor and, ultimately, led to a very accurate and stable shooting.


    weapon mounted trunk ORSIS SE stainless steel, obtained by single-pass cutting (planing tapestry). According to the internal geometry of the barrel is optimized for use factory (factory) ammunition. All trunks are made with a tolerance of rifling depth of 0.0025 mm. Specifically for the production shafts ORSIS SE was changed manufacturing technology hook trellis (made of cemented carbide tool) that allowed us to obtain a very high purity processing bore. After applying the barrel rifling undergoing treatment on the machine for superfinishing bore polishing and Puligny entrance. These technical solutions have achieved the highest precision shooting.

    sniper rifle Orsis t-5000 / orsis t-5000
    view shutter ORSIS SE T-5000

    Contour Barrel - Match. On the trunk made valleys for extra rigidity, reduce weight and improve cooling. Muzzle of the barrel is threaded to attach the muzzle brake compensator or other muzzle devices.


    rifle model Orsis T-5000 can be installed with any trunks characteristics of different lengths and contours.

    Weapons equipped with original trigger mechanism developed in the company's own design office. Carrying body trigger made of hardened stainless steel internal parts - from "skalpelnoy" were held a special chemical treatment, cover - made of titanium alloy. Mechanism design is isolated from external influence. The lid is secured with four standard screws, allowing, if necessary, to service, repair and replacement mechanism even in the most difficult conditions. USM has a simple design, a large range of adjustments to free movement and pull, the ability to install trigger any geometry. The trigger mechanism "Hunter" - a free lift and force from 1000 to 1500, and the mechanism "Varmint" - has a free lift and force from 500 to 900

    sniper rifle Orsis t-5000 / orsis t-5000
    ORSIS SE T-5000 Three position

    fuse is in the rear of the shutter and if necessary allows manipulation of the gate when the guard, or else completely block the trigger and bolt.

    Food arms ammunition made from detachable box magazine capacity of 5 and 10 cartridges.


    rifle ORSIS SE T-5000 was created for precision shooting at medium and long distances, the open sights in the basic configuration available. The receiver is equipped with a bar weapons Picatinny rail for installation of optical sight, and handguard - bracket for installation predobektivnoy nozzle.

    Receiver T-5000 fit into the "skeletal" box with folding stock of original design. Boxes made of duralumin rifle D16T. Application of this "air" of the material allowed us to obtain high rigidity. The lodge is equipped with regulations cheeks and fore-end and a folding mechanism with mechanical lock in the closed position (made of steel). Cheek and ergonomic pistol grip milled caprolon (high-strength polymer). Paw pressed to return the support surface with a special screw that has a positive effect on the stability of the shooting. Design features lodges provide proper distribution of mass movement rifles at return (balance) that practically negates the recoil effect even in large calibers and allows the shooter to observe the target at the moment and after the shot. This property allows rapid rifle aimed fire, greatly reducing the time to return the rifle at the target after the shot.

    Caliber, mm 7.62x51
    (.308 Winchester)
    (.338 Lapua Magnum)
    Length Unfolded
    Condition, mm
    1230/1060 1270
    Folded length
    Condition, mm
    980/810 1020
    Barrel length, mm 673.1 / 508.0 698.5
    Weight empty, kg 6.6 / 6.3 7.5
    store count. cartridges 5, 10 5, 10
    Practical range
    Fire, m
    800 1500

    When installing the receiver in a box made so-called "Glass-bedding» (glass-bedding), ie, the production in the bed "bed" under the bolt group of the epoxy with filler (aluminum or steel powder), so provided a very tight pair of the bolt and lodges, which significantly increases the stability of the characteristics on the accuracy of fire. In the box has a special gasket for shooting handheld. The fore-end is specifically designed for installation bipod (optimized for Harris, but has a standard swivel). Force when folding butt is about two kilograms, which provides the necessary rigidity.

    on metal parts of weapons is possible to apply a special ceramic coating Cerakote - sverhstoykogo coverage for firearms, providing high wear resistance and improves a range of physical parameters.

    PERFORMANCE rifles ORSIS SE T-5000 allow guaranteed to hit targets at any time of the day and night, in all weather conditions, without prior zeroing and technical training at distances up to one mile. Rifle chambered for 308 Winchester (7,62 x51 mm) is designed for shooting at short to medium range, and chambered for 338 Lapua Magnum (8,6 x70 mm) for shooting at medium and long distances. In both calibers rifles Orsis actual field conditions provide very high and stable patterning - 0.5 MOA less often - about 0.3 MOA and better. Practical shooting range for rifles kalibra.308 about 800 meters for rifles kalibra.338 - up to 1500 meters.

    sniper rifle Orsis t-5000 / orsis t-5000

    ORSIS SE T-5000

    sniper rifle Orsis t-5000 / orsis t-5000

    ORSIS SE T-5000


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