Sniper rifle OSV-96

    sniper rifle OSV-96
    SALT 96
    sniper rifle OSV-96
    SALT 96
    When using the

    In 1994, Instrument Design Bureau (Tula) was established large-caliber 12.7-mm self-loading rifle B-94. After completions sniper rifle B-94 was adopted by Russia under the designation of SALT 96.

    large-caliber sniper rifle OSV-96 is designed to solve problems obschetakticheskih sniper (defeat manpower protected with personal armor, light armored vehicles, from small coastal defense vessels, undermining sea mines) as antisnayperskoe (defeat enemy snipers) or subversive means ( disabling radar, missile and artillery, aircraft parked).

    OSV-96 rifle is a semi-automatic weapon.

    Mechanism - Gas operated, rotating bolt locking is performed directly by the barrel that allows the receiver to unload the box and make it evolving around the front end, just behind the point of attachment for the barrel.

    sniper rifle OSV-96
    SALT 96
    In the battle, and the stowed position

    Folding necessary, as in the form of a combat-ready rifle is very long and inconvenient to store and transport.

    Reduced recoil when firing is achieved by applying an effective muzzle brake and shock-absorbing butt plate.

    Barrel rifle equipped with a long muzzle brake - flash hider.

    bipod mounted on a special console attached to the front (folding together with the barrel) of the receiver.

    Butt has a rubber shock-absorbing cushion.

    rifle is not designed for shooting with hand and forearm are not allowed.

    Caliber, mm 12.7x108
    Length in firing position, mm 1746
    Length, stowed, mm 1154
    Barrel length, mm 1000
    Weight empty kg 12.9
    Capacity count. cartridges 5
    Sighting range, m 1800

    rifle scopes equipped PIC 12x50 or PKN-05. While OSV-96 can be equipped with various optical and night sights.

    shooting night at ranges up to 600 m is conducted with an electron-optical sight.


    five cartridges and automatic reloading allow, if necessary, to fire at a high pace.

    sniper rifle OSV-96 basically was adopted by the Interior Ministry troops and the Russian FSB.

    rifle was also offered to all interested domestic and foreign buyers - various state security agencies.

    sniper rifle OSV-96


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